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Life is nothing more than an experience in developing consciousness. The core of who you really are is really nothing more than an individual perspective in an infinite sea of consciousness. However you cannot experience life unless you are conscious and you cannot do this unless you have a physical dimension to your being, i.e. a body, a central nervous system and a brain to make the experience of having a mind possible. You cannot experience life without energy and having access to energy.

The four fundamental components of life

The actual fundamental basis of life is water, because water is the one thing essential to make life possible and water contains energy and consciousness in roughly equal parts. But the consciousness in water can take on many different forms and this is the difference between physical mass and biological matter. Therefore in order to be living you need the four following things in a constant, cohesive relationship with one another:

a physical body
A physical body is part of the environment and is necessary as a vessel to contain a nervous system and senses, a brain and a mind.
A sensory nervous system is what connects you to your environment and is what makes perception and having a mind possible. All senses are based on touch and contact which makes your skin your strongest and most powerful sense and is one of the five 'primary' senses together with hearing, sight, smell and taste. However you have other senses to perceive sensations not just which are separate to your body all around you but also from within your body, such as pain and satiation to let you know you have enough food in your stomach.
This means that you are part of the environment and the environment is something which exists inside your body as well as outside it. One of the root causes of ignorance is that we are taught to believe that we are somehow separate from our environment, as if we have come from outer space like some alien life form. But the reality is that we are part of the environment and are not in any way separate from our environment. This is what makes Planet Earth different from other planets in our solar system, in that it habitually creates diverse life forms on its surface as part of an ecosystem. We are just a miniscule part of this vast ecosystem.
a brain
A brain is the complex electromagnetic organ which separates consciousness from energy and is capable of simulating consciousness through an activity we understand to be thought. No other organ in your body is capable of thinking.
a mind
Your mind is essentially just playback for your senses and your thinking. Just like the other physical aspects of your being - body, senses and brain - your mind isn't actually your mind at all it's just part of the environment and its something we all share and what makes having a unique and individual perspective possible.

The Life Cycle

Otherwise known as the 'circle of life' the life cycle is something we are all experiencing together with everything else which is considered living. If you stop and think about it, every single aspect of your life and life experience forms part of a cycle and life is in itself an infinite number of different cycles, some brief and momentary, such as the felt sense of immediate experience, to kama (or more commonly known as karma) or your entire life cycle.

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Now that we understand what is fundamental and essential to experiencing life we can now move on to the life cycle. When does life begin? There's a huge variance of opinion here including the ridiculous notion shared by some politicians in the United States that life begins when a man shoves his penis in a woman's body during sexual intercourse and ejaculates inside her and they even sought to pass a law called the Life Begins At Conception Act. But this doesn't take into account reincarnation which is a scientific reality. You exist, you cannot therefore not exist. Therefore I think we can all agree (or I hope so) that life begins when there is no life but just the interval between life experiences and that can only mean that death is the start of the life cycle.

What happens when we die?

The simple answer here is that we come back to life as someone else. Death is nothing more than a powerful illusion to generate fear among people and control their minds. It works because we know we are alive, and we cannot know we are alive unless we have previously been dead. This is no different to the fact that you know you're awake because you have previously been asleep. Existence is essentially a game of hide and seek, based on the second fundamental principle of existence which is binarity. When someone close to you dies such as your mother her body goes back to where it belongs the environment and is broken down and repurposed, whatever perspective she had when she was alive becomes part of your perspective but the core essential of who she really is, her conscious being, moves on beyond your perception and she ceases to be your mother.

This is no different to being put to sleep under a general anaesthetic for example when you have surgery when you are not conscious, you do not experience being cut open or feel the surgeon's hands inside your body. You are completely gone and your perspective is completely separate from your physical body, senses, brain and mind. The exact same thing happens when you die.

Kama (or karma)

As we are going through the life cycle it's important to understand karma because karma is all about the life cycle and about the relationship between your perspective and everything else. Karma is a Sanskrit word which means 'action (I understand karma to be 'kama' which is the exact same word in the Pali language because I am a Therevadist and my mindset is based on the Therevada). Karma is not as most people believe some form of weird divine retributive justice. Karma is action because in order to live you have to act or take action, you have to breathe, you have to nourish your body, you have to drink water, you have to survive in order to sustain life. If you don't take the appropriate or necessary action life is an experience which happens to you. Either way karma is the relationship between your perspective and your physical body, brain, senses and mind. Karma is a purely physical experience, and is not in any way metaphysical.

Karma is physical attachment

Another way of understanding karma is to understand it as a physical attachment. A very good example of karma is the way that the vast majority of people are so strongly attached to their physical bodies, physical identity and body parts that it becomes a powerful obsession. This powerful and often disturbing obsession people have to their physical bodies is a mental disorder not witnessed anywhere else in the animal kingdom. When the time comes to mate and the hormones rise other animals quickly figure out which is male and which is female and just get on with the serious business of shagging each other and reproduction. Once they're finished they immediately go back to treating each other as equally important members of their species.

But human beings aren't generally like that. Most human beings are so completely obsessed with their body parts, physical appearance and identity that they think about these things all the time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Some people can't think of anything else. This is why for example we have the internet, something where we can learn about stuff, find each other and connect and what are the vast majority of websites on the internet devoted to? Pornography. Likewise social media is completely dominated by content devoted to self-promotion, politics and 'look at me' type content. Then we have the equally powerful addiction to money, easily the most widespread and popular addiction on the planet. This is all karma, unresolved karma, and it is the unresolved karma in life which causes the most hardship, pain, conflicts and divisions between human beings.

Sleep, death and the coma state

As you are living life is a continuous, eternal experience and will remain as such until you completely resolve all your karma. Understand here that consciousness is permanent yet constantly changing, and physicality is transient and impermanent. Everything which is physical is based on energy and is transient. For example you can remember when you were a small child. But you are not physically a small child. You are now physically an adult. Your only concept of being a small child lies in your memory and perspective. The difference between sleep and death is very simple. When you wake up from sleep you remain attached to the exact same body and life as you had before you went to sleep. When you die you lose your body, the 'you' you are now is no more, and your soul - if you have created one in your life, moves on to find a new foetus which is growing in the body of a pregnant woman.

When you are in a coma it's uncertain whether you remain attached to your body or whether you die. Your health is critical simply because you are barely clinging to life. It's possible to begin the process of death and let go of your body and have what is known as a mystical experience, or a Near Death Experience (NDE) but you can also be sent back into your body and prevented from dying and this is usually when you have unresolved karma which you need to resolve before you can die. Understand that an abortion can take place outside of a woman's body. Likewise when you resolve your karma and develop a soul death becomes an action - the last action in your life - and you move on to your next foetus and next life.

How you die is extremely important

If you are aware you are alive then you must have died previously. But it is also true that if you are alive then the whole point of being alive is to create or develop a soul because this is the only way you can resolve your karma. There is no evidence that you are born with a soul. Sure you are spirit but there is no way anyone can prove that you are born with a soul and plenty of evidence to suggest that you are not born with a soul, and here I'm referring to very hard physical scientific evidence. You cannot communicate as a baby or a small infant, you do not have perspective, you cannot recall your birth, you don't even have full autonomy or a fully developed basic brain until the ages of 6 or 7.

The more karma you resolve the more of a soul you develop and the more control you have over when and how you die. Some believe that the time from death to becoming a foetus again is roughly the equivalent of a night's sleep. The more unresolved karma you have in your life, for example if you remain totally focussed on the physical, and your body, money, your belief systems and your status and position in life, the more traumatic and painful your experience of death will be and the less control you will have over when you die. If you have your life cut short due to being killed whatever karma was unresolved will return to you when you are reborn.

The exact same thing is true of suicide. Suicide is not the way out you think it is nor will killing yourself resolve the issues you cannot cope with. If you are feeling suicidal you need to immediately get additional emotional support immediately preferably from someone who is equipped or trained to provide such support or reach out to family or friends. Wanting to kill yourself is not a natural human desire because it goes against the basic intrinsic value of life. It's also worth noting that animals do not commit suicide. Suicide is a uniquely human experience and one which is usually caused by other people forcing you into a set of circumstances or causing you to have feelings where you are convinced that there is no further point to life.


A human foetus is only receptive to a soul or spirit from the second trimester of a woman's pregnancy. This is the start of life because you acquire the four things you need to sustain life and you once again become relative to an environment, but you are nowhere near fully conscious. Furthermore even though you have all that you need for life it is not guaranteed that you will be reborn because you have to be viable and actually able to sustain life in that body and in that environment. You have no way of knowing whether or not you will be viable because you don't have a perspective and you probably don't have a soul. The 'you' here is pure spirit and that is all you are apart from a foetus. If you fail to create an attachment by the start of the third trimester you will move on to another body and this will result in a miscarriage experienced by the woman who is pregnant.

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Okay so we now arrive at birth, where you are perceived as a human child but you aren't yet 'you' in your next life, i.e. in another physical identity. All you are is spirit and a very small and fragile human body which has been created by your parents. You start with new karma relative to your environment, new body and new brain because whatever traces of unresolved karma in your spirit is erased by a hormone released by your mother prior to her giving birth to you.

For the first five or six years of life you are dealing with reality over which you have very little control and that is the actual reality of the universe and the cultural reality of your new life and new relationship with your parents, family and people in your new life. You are totally dependent on your parents and others pretty much until you become a toddler and essentially spend a couple of years being a little shit and testing out your potential and your relationship with your parents to see what buttons you can push and generally keeping them on their toes and feeling knackered.

The Life Path

You don't really become you again in your new life until you achieve full autonomy and your brain develops to the point where you recover your perspective which is around the ages of six and seven, but it could be earlier, but generally by the age of 7 you have the Triangular Relationship, your perspective has returned to you and you are at that point fully living once again in your new life. This process starts around the age of five and six when you start demanding explanations from your parents about your life and existence, with the so-called 'why questions'. Such questions can include:

  • Do caterpillars burp?
  • Why was I in a space before your tummy?
  • Why does the world go on forever but adults do the same things over and over again?
  • Mummy why are we alive?
  • How much does a head cost?
  • What is outside for?
  • Why was everything in black and white when I was a baby?
  • Why do bad people pretend to be good?
  • Why do letters stop but numbers keep on going?

I will leave you to ponder why small children who have yet to start school can ask their parents questions which can be just as profoundly scientific as they can be deeply philosophical. This can only happen if there is reincarnation. Your perspective returns to you in your new life and body just as it does to you after a night of sleep when you're drinking your first coffee in the morning.

The reality of who you are

You are not strictly physical at all. The reality of who you are, and I mean here who you really are, is nothing more than a perspective of consciousness contained in a physical body equipped with senses, a nervous system, a brain and a mind. You are here for no other purpose than to experience this universe, connect to other people, survive, be happy and develop your perspective.

You develop your perspective by developing a soul. This is no different to crossing a wide river, which is my metaphor for death - the interval or space between different lives. If you develop a soul you get to sail across the river in a boat. If you don't, you will have to swim across being subject to the currents in the river. But more about this in the final part of this reference section on thought which explains the relationship between senses, your brain, your mind, thinking and perspective.

The key to life

The whole point of life is to become a fully fledged human being and to develop as much consciousness as possible while, simultaneously, having as much fun with as many other people as you possibly can. This is the only point in life - being as fully conscious as possible, being happy, and making friends.

Life is not about making money and it's important to remember that being wealthy costs you your humanity. Think about this. Have you ever come across a seriously wealthy person who doesn't have the face of a stamped on kipper, who doesn't talk complete horseshit and who isn't a miserable self-aggrandizing cunt?

When have you ever heard a politician talk about passing a law about having fun or suggest that you enjoy yourself? Modern politics is really all about just two things and that is to big up one's Ego as much as possible while pushing to get to the front of the queue so they can get to suck as much corporate dick as possible. The only real political agenda is to do whatever it takes to get you on your knees and willingly, and obediently, to suck as much corporate dick as you can as cheaply as possible. Yeah I know I'm being crude here but many people it seems to be given a strong reminder as to what life is really all about and being pleasant about such matters generally doesn't work.

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