Local community projects

A local community project is a top level Qultura project which directly serves a local community and contains all other projects being developed in that community. Therefore it serves as a local community hub for the Qultura community in that existing local community and should either be associated with or have access to community space in that local community.

Using the Qultura Core template

Qultura Core is our template or model for a local community project and is the only type of project which can use the Qultura logo and name associated with a geographic location, for example Qultura [place name]. While a local community project remains connected to Qultura Core for support each local community project is fully autonomous and should go its own way serving the needs of any local Qultura community which is established and also the needs of the local community in which the local community project has been established. Only in terms of branding - logo, colours, website, etc should there be any connection or in the development of stable projects.

Stable projects

Stable projects are intended to be shared between different local community projects due to their effectiveness in developing either discipline or empathy between people but each local community project can determine how these projects are developed and can even create its own stable projects based on the existing cultural needs and interests in that specific local community.

Further diversification

We warmly welcome and encourage as much diversification as possible and Qultura Core in London is not the only local community project being developed by Qultura. There are others and there have been for a number of years at least two Qultura communities living completely off grid in Belgium and Spain and we have possibly other communities developing in places such as Liverpool, Russia, China, and potentially in California. There are Qultura communities in Turkey, Iran and Africa.

This was how it was intended right at the start when we first set up that people would be able to take our theory, work, philosophy and share it with others for the benefit of humanity and community and individual people through sharing completely free access to opportunities in creativity, the sharing and development of empathy and the development of culture in the local community.

This is after all where we become naturally human again.