Meeting up

Social events and the Qultura community offline.

Currently the Qultura community is in its 5th or 6th incarnation and is a small London wide community based in Nine Elms. Please keep in mind that until COVID and lockdowns the Qultura community was an offline, real time community based in Nine Elms which functioned very much as a kind of human library community support project. When we lost access to community space during the COVID lockdowns things had to change and we decided to shift the emphasis of the community onto the Community Message Board.

Given the esoteric nature of the community and the fact that this is a relatively new developing mystical community resource, we're developing in a way which is similar to other occult societies such as the freemasons.

We regularly hold social events in community space in Nine Elms where people come together to engage in primary social interaction and meet up with other people so as to develop a Qultura method.

Nothing is planned or organized, as we make everything up as we go along. Social events are where you get to meet up with other members of the community face to face, grab a coffee or a tea, and sit around chatting, getting to know one another, and not much more than this. However if you have an idea or want to do something in your community or the community, you can switch very easily to Qultura Core (see separate entry).

There's nothing to stop members of the community who are registered online with the Community Message Board but who are not local to Nine Elms or London organizing their own social events and community activities in their local communities elsewhere in the country, or even the world.