Qultura Message Board

The Qultura Message Board is the central online meeting point which functions as our virtual community centre.


The Qultura Message Board is the central online meeting point for everyone in the Qultura community. This is where you can connect to other community members, ask questions, get information, get to know other people, share experiences, ideas, and get involved in both the community and community projects.

Registration is very important

Registration is vitally important because we are totally inclusive towards everyone in the community and people have different preferences when it comes to social media platforms. As we're an empathy based community the main social media platforms fall below our Community Standards especially when it comes to data sharing and data mining, and social media is being taken over and swamped by those who are only interested in politics and ideology, which we're not.

It's also virtually impossible to develop an inclusive online community when you have some people on Facebook, some people on Twitter, some people on Instagram, and so on.

Registration is a two step process which requires basic information, such as an email, gender, location, and a password. Participation in the Message Board, as with everything else to do with the Qultura community is completely free of charge. The Message Board works just as well on a smartphone or other mobile device as it does on a computer.

Community standards

As we're an empathy based community we have community standards which are different to what you may be used to in the wider community or society and certain much different to what you find on social media. This is an online community where egalitarian values, fun, mutual support, reciprocity, trust, dignity and respect are all extremely important and while we may not always agree or share similar perspectives, we make the effort to get along and see things from other perspectives different from our own.

Posting guidelines

We express our community standards through a simple coloured coded system based on a traffic light.

Red falls below community standards and is unacceptable.

Amber is where you pay more attention or take additional things into consideration.

Green is strongly encouraged and supported.

When you set up an account on the Message Board, it's down to you to make sure you understand the Posting Guidelines.

Social media

In addition to our Message Board we also maintain online groups and communities on selected social media platforms. Details of these platforms are given below together with links on how to access them.

Please note

The links below work best if you already have a profile on the relevant social media platform. Otherwise you will be asked to create a profile.


Qultura on MeWe

We maintain different groups on the MeWe social media platform and regard MeWe as our primary social media platform due to its concern for privacy. Start with the Qultura community group..

Connect to Qultura on MeWe

Qultura on Instagram

We maintain a Qultura community profile on Instagram which we're developing together with a Community Blog where you can share your creativity with others. Click below to connect to us on Instagram.

Connect to Qultura on Instagram

Qultura Core on Whatsapp

We also maintain a Qultura Core group on Whatsapp. You can either message us with your phone number to be added to the group or simply submit your number in the footer.

Ask to be added to Whatsapp