Mirroring and dramatic energy

The purpose of mirroring is to project dramatic energy into the atmosphere and out into space


Dramatic energy is low frequency energy with longer wavelengths and higher levels of consciousness. Some people also know it as light energy or love energy. Desire for dramatic energy is the strongest motivating force on all life forms, humans included, therefore the desire for higher levels of consciousness is inherent in all life forms. This explains why everything that lives is equipped with senses - sight, hearing, touch or feeling, taste, smell and the more kinesthetic senses such as intuition and clair-senses - sight, hearing and feeling - which are controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain which houses the soul. Dramatic energy is detected by sensory perception of both physical and metaphysical senses.

The role of sensory perception

Sensory perception exists so that we can differentiate between dramatic and traumatic energy. Senses are a fundamental part of existence, not just living existence but also beyond life in what is commonly perceived as death. In life our senses differentiate between the physical and the metaphysical, or different forms of energy. Such senses are sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. When we die we lose our physical existence, so we lose the sense of taste and touch but we retain all our other senses which simply become metaphysical senses. People who are psychic simply have better developed senses and what isn't developed in life, where you have the opportunity to develop all senses through the process of mirroring - enlightenment and inspiration - becomes more fully developed through experiences after death.

The soul or spirit

It is believed that the soul or spirit is the individual frequency range of energy on which you function optimally at a given moment in time. This frequency range is unique and individual to you and is what gives you your power, your strength and your character. It doesn't 'exist' inside you or in your brain, but is in your atmosphere all around you. Think of a signal given off from a mobile phone, or something like Bluetooth. The lower the frequency range of energy you become, the stronger and more powerful you become because being relative to everything else in existence you have a greater capacity for reducing the frequency of other energy.

This is real power. Please consider that if there was no soul or spirit, anyone suffering from a stroke would not be able to think or sleep because their brain would not have the ability to interact between two brain hemispheres. But brain is a dynamic organ, millions of brain cells die and millions are replaced and this is a constant process determined by how the brain is processing energy. The brain is  developed in a way so as to promote the maximum amount of interaction and creativity as is possible, and it can work with the energy out in the field to regenerate itself through changing energy frequencies - which explains why stroke victims recover as does anyone with a mental illness, an addiction, or from emotional trauma.

How to effectively reduce the frequency of energy (and develop your personal power).

If you've read the webpage on traumatic energy you will be aware of how you can use physical objects and space to gain information - just like you did from the time when you were born and as a baby and infant. This is the basic process of enlightenment and the fundamental basis for the process of enlightenment, it's something you are naturally able to do. At the most basic level this involves nothing more than just being yourself and gathering as much information as you can from your environment and everything and everyone within that environment and the world.

You will also be aware if you have read that page, and if you haven't already worked it out from this page, that you are fully equipped to be able to effectively reduce energy frequencies in any situation. You have different senses to be able to determine energy and its frequency from physical objects and space, from other people, and a brain with two cerebral hemispheres which can think not only kinesthetically and laterally (your right hemisphere) but also logically and sequentially (your left hemisphere). Furthermore you will also be aware of the impediments and issues which can arise from your physical reality and social conditioning.

The rest comes down to a matter of personal choice because it really is down to you and your decision when, how, and how often you go through the process of enlightenment to seek inspiration, dramatic energy and increased levels of consciousness. It is also a matter of personal choice over how much confrontation and personal conflict you choose to become involved in when it comes to other people. This is especially important when it comes to dealing with people in authority, and determining the basis for their authority (please refer to the webpage on authority). Some people have authority in ways in which can empower you, and some have authority and seek authority in ways which are all designed to disempower you. Neither Qultura nor this website can give you any indication as to who has this power and how they use this power, you have to work it out from your own unique and individual perspective from what you've experienced of people and life yourself.

How to ground or emotionally centre yourself.

Water has life giving properties. Not only through drinking it or using it, but did you also know that you can make use of water to balance out energy frequencies? It is simply enough to stare at any body of naturally occurring body of water - the sea, a river, a lake, a pond, a stream, and concentrate on the movement of that water. What you are actually doing is mirroring with the energy contained in the water and if you do this long enough, you should be able to balance out your own internal energy frequency.

The benefits of increased consciousness and dramatic energy

Life is created is created from inspiration which requires energy, water and a shift in consciousness. There needs to be a significant drop in energy frequency for inspiration to take place as part of the mirroring process. Sexual intercourse between a man and a woman isn't just about the physical reality it is also about mirroring, because without arousal and orgasm - which both involve low levels of energy with increased consciousness inspiration cannot take place,. there is no ejaculation of sperm or lubrication of the Fallopian tubes to facilitate the passage of sperm cells towards the ovum.

The emotional experience of inspiration is no different from a sexual orgasm because in reality both are inspiration. They drawn in dark energy which creates the physical matter from the inspiration. From sexual intercourse this facilitates fertilization.

Where there is just inspiration and no sexual intercourse the end result is physical regeneration. This has numerous beneficial physical effects. dark energy is of a higher frequency than the usual upper frequency level in the individual range of frequency range so the dark energy 'zaps out' any stress or tension in the body, promoting growth and healing. It can also burn fat cells more efficiently than physical exercise, which should be of interest to anyone struggling with obesity and seeking to lose weight.

It also facillitates strength and power, on an emotional, psychological and physical level, promotes stamina, endurance, and resilience. It also leads to increase cognitive functioning ability which promotes the development of such things as self-control, risk calculation, attention seeking strategies, and the ability to create truth and understand things. This in turn leads to increased awareness and understanding, which in turn heightens sensory perception.