Mirroring and sleep

Sleep is another event which involves mirroring


Another example of mirroring is sleep when low frequency energy high in levels of consciousness is projected out into the atmosphere by the right cerebral hemisphere of the brain which then draws on fresh supplies of dark energy after the REM stage of sleep which gives us fresh supplies of energy for the new day. 

Mirroring and thinking

Mirroring and thinking


Mirroring and thinking

Thinking is any activity of the brain used to process information. Information is actually energy in the form of consciousness in various forms which exists in space but which is either divided by or contained in physical reality. Let's take the example of a person. Their physical reality is their body, face, the clothes they wear, the colour and style of their hair, the colour of their skin, all of which gives off energy in the form of information - colours, shapes, perceived textures, and so on. But much of what we know about a person is based on their energy - their thinking, their behaviour, the sound of their voice, their ideas, their feelings, the emotions they are perceived to be feeling.

The process of thinking

Thinking is the processing of energy as information, the process is known as mirroring and is based on the creative cycle which forms the basis of universal law. As thinking is energetic in nature it takes place in cycles and there are four stages to the creative cycle, each one focussed on a component of the relationship of mirroring - perception, inspiration, conception and interaction. This is true irrespective of whether the thinking process is based on reality and the truth or it is based on a belief. These four points indicate a flow of energy at a specific point relative to both time and space.