Mirroring and the seasons

Mirroring is done to project energy out into space and draw on dark energy


Mirroring between the earth and outer space

The Earth, like every planet in the universe draws on dark energy from outer space through seasons. The purpose of this has much to do with existence and balancing out energy frequencies in space. Without physical bodies in space you would end up with a black hole and no existence. A black hole is simply energy with extremely high frequencies which destroys anything within that energy field.

The purpose of the seasons

The purpose of the seasons is enlightenment and inspiration, which takes place in winter around January and February in the northern hemisphere and June and July in the southern hemisphere. Inspiration here draws in dark energy from outer space and replenishes the Earth's water reserves through freezing and wintry weather.

Why there are four seasons

Seasons are part of mirroring and dependent on universal law. Seasons exist primarily to support the majority of different climates and ecosystems in on the planet to provide habitable environments which support life and living existence, in particular the cycle of life, which is also based on universal law.

Season dependencies

Depending on where the climate is located on the planet's surface a season can be either energy dependent or water dependent. Tropical climates change energy frequencies far quicker than other climates so much of the mirroring is done through the daily cycle so seasons in tropical climates closer to the equator are more water dependent than energy dependent.

More temperate climates and colder climates have more reserves of water - particularly the closer you get to the polar ice caps, which are the planet's water reserves. Therefore the seasons in these climates are much more energy dependent and above certain latitudes require a certain amount of freezing and wintry weather to replenish the planet not just with fresh supplies of dark energy but also expand the water reserves.

Season interdependencies

Mirroring through the seasons is interdependent on other forms of mirroring such as daily cycles, ecosystems, evolution, and even mirroring between people. The weather is the only way of evening out the disruptions and inconsistencies and as this is a planet which supports life in various forms Earth has a major role to play in the mirroring which takes place throughout the solar system. All forms of mirroring are based on the creative cycle and are interdependent being based on universal law. The second introductory video on this website explains mirroring and shows how it is interdependent and based on universal law.

Disruptions in seasonal mirroring

Throughout much of its history, Mankind has largely lived according to universal law and in harmony with the planet and Nature. This relationship has however changed and been in decline since the Industrial Revolution. Recent changes in technology and the establishment of the global economy has started to cause serious disruption to mirroring, in particular to seasonal mirroring, through climate change and global warming.