Mirroring and traumatic energy

Mirroring is done to draw on supplies of fresh dark energy through inspiration


What is traumatic energy?

Traumatic energy is dark energy which is often also perceived as fear energy or negative energy. This is energy which is higher in frequency, shorter in wavelength and with lower levels of consciousness.  Avoidance of this type of energy is usually one of the strongest motivating factors in all life forms, including humans, which together with the desire for dramatic energy makes up part of the survival instinct. This makes up what is known as universal nature which is the basic component of existence and its culture which is common to all life forms.

The difference between dark energy and fear energy

Both are types of traumatic energy which has higher frequencies, but dark energy has much higher frequencies and little or no consciousness, whereas fear energy also has high frequencies but with some consciousness. This difference is caused by the fact that energy itself is expansive and diversifies as it expands. Dark energy works to break down, destroy, separate, isolate, create disorder, confusion, and isolates. Fear energy generally disempowers,  obscures, confuses, causes paralysis, inertia, apathy,  and reduces the effectiveness and efficiency of the brain to modify, change and reduce the frequency level of energy.

Popular misconceptions about traumatic energy

It's normal to seek to avoid energy of higher frequencies - particularly energy which is of a higher frequency than the individual frequency range of energy on which someone functions - because this leads to experiences which are stressful, tense, even painful and unpleasant and this is instinctive behaviour. However this does not mean that we are unable or not equipped to deal with such energy. We are, very much so.

We are equipped with both different senses - sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing - and we also have two separate brain hemispheres. We have these things to be able to deal with all forms of traumatic energy because this is the only way we can go through the enlightenment process and achieve both inspiration and higher levels of consciousness.

Believing oneself to be ill-equipped to deal with negative or traumatic energy is a bit like standing in a room which is pitch black and complaining that one cannot see. Energy is information which means that all information is actually dramatic energy (please refer to the webpage on dramatic energy). The pitch blackness in the room is traumatic energy but the room is full of physical objects and other energy which lies beyond the field of perception if we are considering sight alone.

But we don't only have sight. We also have touch and we are aware of physical reality and we are also aware of space. We have a brain with a right hemisphere which can feel kinesthetically and a left hemisphere which can think in physical, linear terms and project. Simply by feeling our way through space until we reach a physical object we can work out where the light switch is in the room. If the light bulb is not working we can then think of some other solution such as using a torch or a candle - again thinking of a physical object and being aware that it exists in space.

Using the physical and space to develop awareness and understanding.

Describing the process above of trying to find light in a room which is pitch black is an illustration of the process of enlightenment which is simply a process of obtaining new information from our environment and everything in it by examining, exploring and discovering things. This is enlightenment which leads to inspiration in its simplest form. When you stop to think about this you should be able to quickly realize that this is what you were doing all along since your birth and the time you were born. This is what babies do, this is what toddlers do, and what stops them from going through this process of enlightenment is social conditioning and (later) education).

Enlightenment is not about being a better person. There is no judgment involved in enlightenment, which needs to be done with an open mind without any sort of prejudgment at all. Do you really need to be a better person? Better than what? You are an individual human being, there;'s never been anyone like you ever before in the history of Mankind, there will never be anyone like you at any point in the future.

Understanding the life path in context.

The truth is that you have been tuned into the universe and the energy in your environment ever since you were in contact with an environment and that started at the first moments of conception when you became a foetus. You have been seeking information and mirroring throughout and the life path is essentially your response to your early childhood experiences, what you managed to discover about life through your process of enlightenment against what you were subjected to through social conditioning, your physical reality and (later) your education and opportunities.