Conception is the process of creating something new and physical from energy on the basis of newly perceived consciousness. Consciousness can only be perceived once in a certain way because the creative cycle of the brain gives the perceived consciousness cultural significance or physical reality and it is at this point consciousness is no longer consciousness but information.

The same principle applies whether the physical reality is concrete or abstract.

Mirroring is what makes it a process because it is the processing of consciousness and information between two or more points in a relationship. Think of reproduction. Reproduction is a process, based on mirroring and conception is the change from metaphysical to physical.

Human reproduction is a creative process lasting around eight years starting with the sexual act and the ejaculation of male sperm into a female vagina and lasts until the resulting child has a fully developed brain structure and becomes fully autonomic and self-aware, which is around the age of seven and the formation of the Life Path (see Individuality).

There is a consensus of opinion in the US that life begins at conception, which generally holds to be true if we're thinking in terms of the entire process. But this isn't what the Life Begins At Conception movement believes. They believe that personhood is achieved at the moment of male ejaculation into the female vagina and the fertilization of the ovum by a male sperm cell achieves personhood. There are major issues with this line of thinking, not least viability and the ability of the resulting embryo or foetus to survive beyond childbirth, and then there's autonomy. Autonomy is fundamental to being able to sustain life.

A snake, whether born live or hatched from an egg is autonomic. A foal is also autonomic. certain species are not born autonomic and these are species, such as humans, dogs and cats, which require interaction with the environment to complete the process of conception. A human child is not fully autonomic at birth because it doesn't have such things as sight or motor coordination. A human baby also requires social interaction to make it autonomic. babies who are not picked up or held die. Cats have greater social needs. Social exclusion is lethal to most cat species.

Conception is the most intensive part of the creative cycle because you have both hemispheres of the brain working together to process the energy and information in a way which creates order and structure from disorder and chaos.This is because consciousness comes in photons and in tiny bits, and constant processing is required to transform it into information.

Conception requires conscious thinking which works the brain hard because you have more neurons firing and this burns a tremendous amount of calories and energy. This increases the individual level of energy frequency and this can either reduce cravings or increase them, and you may have increased appetite during the process of conception.