Information is consciousness with a cultural or physical relevance and comes in small bits which in the collective forms a paradigm. This means that a paradigm is information in the collective which makes up a whole.

Enlightenment is nothing more than the processing of information or consciousness so as to reduce energy frequency and transform traumatic or dark energy into dramatic energy or light energy. This is done to achieve inspiration. Enlightenment is the process which is central to evolution as it involves the increase of awareness and understanding and an increase in the ability to perceive consciousness.

Enlightenment is a part of the creative cycle and process of thinking which serves to increase one's understanding and awareness of the current state of reality in one's environment and situation. This is done so that the level of perceived consciousness in the brain matches the level of consciousness in the energy in the environment This part of the process requires the creation of truth and the development of morality.

Definition of truth

Truth is any perception of reality or a situation which can only be interpreted in one way and in terms which is accessible in terms of logical understanding. It is achieved by seeking information (or working to reduce energy frequency) whilst discarding or stripping away existing beliefs and preconceived notions. This can be a process which is often uncomfortable or painful, because beliefs are formed in the left hemisphere of the brain and we personalize our beliefs and form attachments to them. Truth is a state of being where one is aware and understands one's reality as much as it is possible and is an essential part of the process of achieving inspiration.

Beliefs do not lead to increase perception of consciousness but are the processing of information within the brain. The difference between a belief and truth becomes very clear when we think of a computer. A computer processes data, either from data stored in the computer, on the hard disk for example, or in the BIOS system, and also from the user or data input, from a keyboard, mouse, sound card, memory card, or other source. A belief is no different from data stored within the computer, it is information already known to the brain. Truth is new consciousness, coming from another source not previously known to the individual, so doesn't come from within the brain. This can be either consciousness or information.

About morality

If you examine the creative cycle in its entirety you might realize that it is nothing more than a cycle of consideration from every possible perspective in a relationship between you, the universe, the environment you find yourself in and other people. This is because creativity is nothing more than the processing of information or energy in a way which reduces energy frequency through increasing your awareness and understanding of everything around you and within you. Creativity is the examination and consideration of every possibility which is accessible to you at that precise moment in time.

Morality is the development of awareness and understanding of perspectives other than your perspective so as to facilitate interaction which comes later in the creative cycle. It is the ability to examine a relationship from someone else's perspective and to be able to modify and change your own perspective in a way which makes interaction much easier and which makes the relationship a mutually beneficial one. This is essentially what developing a moral compass is all about. It is the ability to look beyond your own assumptions and beliefs and to be able to relate to other people by accepting their identity and individuality and seeing things from their perspective. Developing a moral compass therefore is fundamental to developing good social skills, compassion, empathy, the ability to connect to people, establish a good rapport with people, and facilitate the sharing of ideas and experiences without creating or causing conflicts.

It is morality together with the creation of truth which enables you to be able to mirror with other people and not only inspire others but also be inspired by others. It changes the energy of your consciousness and energetic signature - the energy which surrounds you constantly - making you more confident and appear more pleasant and attractive to others. This means that it is the development of a moral compass and the ability to seek and find the truth which increases your personal power.

Beliefs v. possibility

Any belief is a concept or idea which is fixed and relative to time. Energy is no different to anything else in existence, it is relative to time and space and while a belief might be formed from truth at a particular moment in time, the more you apply a belief the possibility of it remaining true diminishes with time. Beliefs are often true simply because you accept them to be true or want them to be true. The problem with basing your thinking on fixed or rigid beliefs is that you tie your entire awareness and understanding to a fixed moment in time and shape your perception on this basis. This can cause you to lose the ability to create truth, to develop morality and as such you lose the ability to keep in touch and remain aware and in tune with your environment and surroundings. This can leave you wide open to deception, both self-deception and deception from other people.


Inspiration is that point where energy is exchanged and you project out low frequency dramatic energy and draw on fresh supplies of dark energy. Inspiration is that penny dropping moment, the moment of realization, the paradigm shift, that energy rush you feel when you are in touch with everything which is going on around you. The fresh supply of dark energy is what gives you the ability to conceive and develop new ideas. For some the feeling is like a sexual orgasm, because a sexual orgasm is actually inspiration. It is a release of low frequency dramatic energy out into the atmosphere and the drawing in of fresh supplies of dark energy.The energy comes from the new perceived consciousness.