Mirroring is the ability to manipulate forces and universal law


Everything in the universe is relative and subject to the absolute principles of universal law, which is the set of common principles to the behaviour of energy and consciousness in energy. So let's start with the whole and that is the universe (or if you are a puantum physicist, a universe) which exists in space. Within that space is energy. Anything physical is energy at a low frequency created through interaction and creatvity.

For the purpose of this website and theory we will examine the fundamental relationship between energy and the universe, the world and society (environment) and the living being, in this case a human. Interaction between these three takes place through mirroring, which is shifting energy frequencies and levels of consciousness in energy.


Everything in existence is relative, so the individual human being is both relative to the universe as a vessel for energy and the development of consciousness and the expansion of the universe, and also relative to the world and environment as an individual member of the human species or homo sapiens. The objective of both relationships is exactly the same, i.e. the development of consciousness in accordance with universal law.

In terms of our relationship with the universe this manifests itself as the ability to perceive and interact with consciousness in energy, which is the exact same as our relationship with our environment and species, which is known as evolution.

There is of course no way to measure consciousness in energy, given that all living beings are unique and individual, have their own unique energy frequency range, and their own individual ability to perceive consciousness in energy.

actor snake

Here is a picture of actor Nicolas Cage with an inset picture of a rattlesnake to illustrate the role of senses and sensory perception. Sensory perception is used in various ways to perceive energy in different forms but also consciousness in energy. Another word for consciousness in energy is information.

Consciousness exists in energy in the form of information which living beings can perceive to varying degrees and in various ways. For example the rattlesnake can perceive consciousness in the form of heat through the special pits between its eyes and nostrils. Humans can also detect consciousness in energy through heat but via their skin, but they don't have the ability to perceive the same level of consciousness as heat as a rattlesnake.

Conversely the human (Mr Cage) has ears for the ability to perceive consciousness in energy in the form of sound. The rattlesnake lacks ears, but as we can detect consciousness as heat through our skin, the rattlesnake can perceive consciousness as sound through vibration and resonance through its skin and body. While the rattlesnake cannot perceive consciousness sound as finely as a human, it has a higher level of perception when it comes to vibration and resonance.

Now we come to the third position in this triangular relationship - the human individual. the brain is a quantum, electromagnetic organ devoted to the detection, perception, transformation and manipulation of consciousness in energy. It is a complex organ, and 90% of its activity is devoted to unconscious thinking and what is known as autonomic life processes - breathing, moving, remembering, recognizing, and also mirroring.

Conscious thinking accounts for around 4% or less of all brain activity and much of this takes place on the surface of the brain around the two prefontal lobes and cerebral hemispheres. Conscious thinking involves a lot of energy particularly when both hemispheres are involved. Much of the mirroring which takes place between the individual and environment is done to regulate the body's homeostasis and we are generally 'zoned out' of much of the sconsciousness in the energy around us, not paying that much attention to the external stimuli and consciousness or information which is constantly bombarding us.

The fact that we are unconsciously thinking throughout and mirroring explains how others can 'read our minds' and pick up on what we are thinking and feeling, such as psychics and empaths. This is not done by magic but simply because our unconscious thinking is much quicker than our conscious thinking and they can pick up on the various cues of consciousness that we project outwards even before we become aware consciously of our thinking.

The ability to perceive consciousness is developed through the development of morality and the ability to form moral principles grounded in universal law, and also integrity, which is the ability to perceive truth and reality as it actually is, and not as we manufacture it through our attachment and reliance on personal beliefs and creation of our own reality.It's important to remember that the ability to perceive consciousness can be lost which leads to ignorance, the ability to understand and relate to others and to perceive and form the truth to create new beliefs.

This section of the theory explains the process of mirroring more fully with additional information on conscious mirroring.

Mirroring is the process of enlightenment and inspiration to develop levels of consciousness in energy in order to reduce energy frequency. Energy is naturally expansive so increases in frequency relative to its latency to become dark energy which is high in frequency and has little or no consciousness. In order to reduce its frequency energy needs to become active and this is achieved through creativity and interaction - the process of enlightenment and inspiration - to increase levels of consciousness.

Latent and active energy

Energy which is latent is energy which is not being used. Think of dried pasta. Energy exists in the molecules of dried pasta but it is not being used. The dried pasta retains its shape and form and the energy in its is latent. But if you place the dried pasta in water - where energy is active - the energy in the dried pasta also becomes active and the dried pasta starts softening. The latent energy is now active energy and is involved in a process of creativity and interaction.

But when we think of say an apple the energy in the apple isn't latent, because the apple is formed of physical matter which contains water so the energy is always active. If we leave the apple alone and do nothing with it, the frequency level of the energy in the apple rises reducing the amount of water and the apple will begin to decompose. This decomposition is caused by the rising frequency of energy and it becoming traumatic or dark energy. Please onsider that in order to stop this process we need to do something with the apple - freeze it, cook it, or preserve it to stop the frequency level rising in the energy contained within the apple.

Mirroring between life forms and the atmosphere

Living existence is a major way of reducing energy frequency in the atmosphere, which means that culture and world events can have an influence on the weather, the climate and the energy in the atmosphere. There is no secret or magic in this, as the energy in the atmosphere is the same energy as what makes up the consciousness which surrounds people, animals, plants and trees. This means that cultural development and encouraging human creativity can do as much as conserving energy to reduce energy frequency in the atmosphere, reducing carbon footprints and reversing the process of climate change. That saying there are limitations to this effect, as the burning of fossil fuels creates dark energy the effects of which would need a massive amount of human creativity to negate it.