Be yourself, be connected, be happy

Qultura is all about promoting human individuality and creativity

Qultura is really all about you

There's never been anyone quite like you in the entire history of Mankind. There's never going to be anyone else like you at any point in the future. Nobody else has lived life the way you have. Nobody else has your life experience, has faced the choices you have had to face in life, experienced the same sequences of thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, dreams or goals. This is what gives you your unique and individual perspective on life.

But what use is having a unique and individual perspective if you don't have opportunities to share it?

How much time do you spend in life chasing after money?

How much time in your life do you spend either working for money, waiting for it, or spending it? is your life caught up in working for money through doing things you don't enjoy doing for other people? Are you without work and without money and stuck in a rut? How much time have you spent in your life chasing after money?

Life is a fractal

Life is a fractal where the more you are connected to others and gathering experience through being with others the more you get to know yourself. Life is about the journey, the experience, the connections you make, and the legacy you leave behind you when you die. Your life is here and now. Today.

Qultura is a human rights organization working to promote human individuality and human creativity. For far too long people have been disempowered by those in authority to serve a system. We work tio create opportunities for you to connect to others and participate in the community through interacting and being creative with others. We therefore promote personal enlightenment in a community which is kept free from ideology and belief systems where you can explore, experiment, and discover things not just about you and who you are, but also about others and the world around you.


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