• Supporting those affected by the misery of stigma and exclusion

Developing local community networks

Developing stronger local community networks is seen as an essential part of developing local community culture which is a key preventative step towards people becoming affected by social stigma and social exclusion. In recent years we have witnessed a period of cultural decline with the closure of various civic amenities in local communities such as libraries, community centres, youth centres, luncheon clubs, and also such places as pubs, clubs, and other facilities where people can meet and socially interact in real time, face to face ways. This is a significant factor in the increase and spread of both social exclusion and social stigma. people are becoming more and more isolated and once affected by either stigma or exclusion there is very little people can do to break out of it.

Indeed there is a complete lack of community space which is freely accessible to people in a community for the purpose of meeting and gettuing to know other people in their community which doesn't involve some form of membership or cost money.

What Qultura is looking to do is to develop new local community networks centred around participation which can be used as a means of further networking, social interaction and meeting new people. Participation in a Qultura local community network would not cost anything and would not require a membership fee, subscription or any other form of payment. It would simply involve signing up to our social media network and act as a local community resource for people who need it for whatever reason.

While our local community networks would be set up to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for those affected by social stigma and social exclusion they could additionally be used as a local community resource to share ideas, meet people, get information on the local area, and even meet new people in the local community.