Qultura's mission.

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Qultura was set up in November 2009 by Stella Baker and Ian 'Fibbo' Fibbens assisted by David Fisher as a goodwill community organization working to develop culture in the local community. Set up as a vehicle to share Creative Law (developed by Stella Baker, illustrated above) in the public interest Qultura works to reverse the ongoing process of cultural decline by creating opportunities to develop culture in the local community for people to connect to one another and create change on a personal, social and cultural level. In this way Qultura is the first UK community organization to advocate social and cultural change through the development and use of empathy.

Cultural decline is a process

Cultural decline is a process which involves numerous consequences which directly impact on people's lives, including deprivation and restriction of opportunity, social divisions, social stigma, social fragmentation, social isolation, lack of opportunities, and social exclusion. These can all create numerous barriers in people's lives - practical, financial, social, emotional, psychological - and lead to further issues such as personal and social isolation, social invisibility, loneliness, and ultimately, suicide. All these processes are reversible through community participation, community interaction and involvement in local community type projects.

Mitigating social stigma and social exclusion

Two of the most harmful and toxic aspects of cultural decline are social stigma and social exclusion because both these social issues impact directly on people's lives resulting in a sense of isolation, alienation, traumatic social experiences which result in social anxiety, depression, and can lead to a degradation of mental health issues, loneliness, addiction, and ultimately suicide. These issues are exacerbated by social and cultural values based on individualism and the belief that everyone should be self-sufficient and mentally strong. Such beliefs are unrealistic because trauma and traumatic social experiences are an inevitable part of life experience.

Qultura's founding principle

Human evolution is motivated by the need and development of empathy in the individual and by cultural development in the community. Irrespective of who they are in the community, everyone in the community should have sufficient opportunity to explore and develop their inner creativity, seek the truth, develop and make use of empathy and participate in the development of culture in the local community.

Qultura's developing role in the local community

Qultura is a goodwill community organization which serves as a facilitator in the local community - either online or offline - and the focus and emphasis of our work and activities is to reverse the processes of cultural decline, and also the processes of social stigma and social exclusion, for anyone in the local community, through the creation of new opportunities, development of new culture, and a shift in emphasis to the primacy of individual human experience. We work on the premise of goodwill, and on the premise that most, if not all social issues are resolved through kindness, compassion, empathy and patience. Therefore we are primarily all about the development of new culture and community support initiatives at a local community level and the development of new opportunities where individual people in a local community can participate in and become involved in through various local community projects.

Freedom from ideology and organized belief systems

It's important to understand that social issues can only be resolved through kindness, empathy and patience. If you seek to resolve any social issue through ideology or a belief system you will inevitably create a new issue. All our work is based on universal principles and by giving people access to resources where they can learn about these universal principles and explore and experiment with these principles through their own direct life experience. We believe that people should have the freedom to explore, experiment and discover through opportunities for participation in a community and for social interaction so they can learn freely from their own individual experience and develop their individual perspective as a result of such opportunities and social interaction.

Our significant humanitarian and human rights role

As there is a lack of a social safety net and an increasing need for an organization to stand up for the fundamental human rights of the individual against the organization particularly where the organization causes fear, distress, duress or trauma or seeks to deny or deprive someone of access to physical security - i.e. access to things deemed necessary to live with dignity in the community, such as access to shelter, food, fuel, energy, clothing, opportunities for social interaction, for meaningful occupation and inclusion in the local community.