Qultura's mission and objectives


We empower people to connect to each other.

The above represents our mission statement. The above image represents the Big Bang and the creation of the universe. Qultura was set up by Stella Baker and David Fisher after the development of Creative Law in 2009. The mission statement relates directly to Stella Baker's personal discovery about the relationship between energy and consciousness.

In discovering that drama had a polar relationship to trauma, and that drama was related to increased consciousness and perception of consciousness, she also discovered that increased consciousness was an outcome of not just trauma but high frequency energy.

It is this principle, that drama has a polar relationship to trauma and results in increased consciousness, which Stella baker herself has employed in her support work with people with addictions and the homeless, and which Qultura makes use of as a strategy. This principle is why people with mental illness automatically recover, how people overcome addictions, and also how people recover from direct personal experience of social issues and relationship breakdowns. This principle, part of her theory, is both consistent and very effective.

More about this can be found in the links and our theory section but we primarily work towards our mission by acting as a community resource, developing communities, empowering people, early suicide prevention and acting as a go to organization for those who feel they have nowhere else to turn to.

Source materials

This website contains all the basic source materials anyone could ever need for starting any sort of journey in life, seeking change or are interested in personal enlightenment or conscious living. There are three theories, an explanation of human individuality and six concepts which together form a system which anyone can follow.

But we're not looking for anyone to follow what is written here. This is why it's called source. It's there for people as a guide and an inspiration so they can figure out their own theories and concepts from social interaction and going through the experiences.

Over the past 10 or so years people have used these materials and our community to find somewhere to live, find jobs, find love, beat addiction, rediscover the will to live and much more. This is not about following but about people finding a deeper sense of themselves and their own individuality. It's about about following beliefs at all and shouldn't be. This should really be all about people being who they really are.

Finding communities

We are in the process of rebuilding almost from scratch but with a much better system of support. We have various online closed discussion groups which we are redeveloping on Groupbox plus other groups on Facebook and MeWe. For people who are in South London we are developing a weekly drop in and meet up at the Qultura Core project.

People can be who they want to be.

Anyone can participate in the Qultura community in any combination of a number of roles - they can just participate but if they need support they can reverse their participation and be a reverse participant. They can also be a volunteer, or a community or cultural activist, and help develop Qultura either online or in London. They can also become a Qultura trustee and or a supporter.

Apart from the trustee role, which carries one or two restrictions, such as being resident in London, you can be any role you decide to be when it comes to projects (explained next) and can mix and match roles. You participate in the Qultura community as and when you want to and have the time.

All Qultura activities are termed projects.

Any activity which involves two or more people is termed a project. There are three different types of project - creative projects, social and cultural projects and community support projects, which are often appeals. Anyone can start a project provided it meets with the Consensus and works broadly towards our mission and, more importantly, provides some benefit to you for being involved. A project can be anything from a day out organized by people in the Qultura community to the Qultura Core project which is a project within the Qultura community.