Radical social and cultural change through empathy

The crisis

We are in an advanced stage of cultural decline. We have overdosed on a diet of hyper-individualism, free market and neoliberal culture, all based on social and cultural beliefs based on the lie of individualism. This is no different to any other serious addiction. We are collectively choosing short term benefit (corporate profit) at the expense of long term self harm and an abusive, toxic relationship. From those in power we see the same behaviour of any addict, denial, blaming others, promises of change with no follow through, and the widespread abuse of others and immorality so they can continue to feed their addiction, which in this case is addiction to money, to power, to control of all natural resources.

We're caught in a Catch 22 situation.

Cultural decline is a process. It cannot be fixed with money nor can it be 'resolved' by forcing people into bullshit Mickey Mouse minimum wage jobs for corporations. It also cannot be resolved by ideology. The only way out of cultural decline is by reversing the process by bringing people together in communities to develop culture. The solution to cultural decline is always sustained cultural development (this is no different to the health effects of smoking tobacco - you have to reverse the process). But this looks unlikely to happen given the fact that nobody it seems wants to invest in culture or get involved in it. Everybody is locked in their own political and ideological conflicts, they are all convinced that they are right and other people are wrong. Nobody wants to give an inch.

We need to face up to reality

We are in this situation for two main reasons.

We are not evolving naturally as a species

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Human evolution is motivated by individual human creativity and cultural development at a local community level. Human beings are primates, we need to express ourselves creatively, we need constant opportunities for face to face social interaction, and we need lots of empathy.

We need empathy because we are naturally predisposed to living in large complex societies and our strongest and most basic emotional need is the need to belong and feel included in our families, our communities and our societies. Culture and cultural awareness is central to our life experience and we need and value constant contact with creativity and a need to express ourselves creatively.

This is not happening because for centuries our cultural and social beliefs are based on individualism, particularly in the West. We are ruled by various hierarchies, organizations and institutions who convince us that we are free, we are democratic but nothing could be further from the truth. We are dis-empowered, kept in artificial scarcity, deprived of opportunities and denied our individual human experience.

We have forgotten how to naturally evolve as a species

We have become so conditioned to accept individualism we have long since forgotten how to evolve as a species. We are too wrapped up in ourselves, our ideologies, our different belief systems that most people are concerned about climate change, but hardly anybody is screaming or shouting about the fact that humans are dying out and so traumatized that they are depressed, struggling with anxieties, mental illness, or are suicidal, lonely, and unable to live. We have an increasing number of people who ahve been rejected not just by those in power but by the rest of society as well.

How are we going to take care of our environment when we don't even care about other members of our species or other species for that matter? Where has all our empathy gone?

The lie that is individualism

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This is Adam Smith, who can be regarded as the pioneer of the individualism which forms the basis of our cultural and social beliefs. We unapologeticially regard his work as delusional and toxic because as you will see from the above quote it is based on the false illusion of separateness between self and other and an inability to distinguish between actual reality and cultural reality.

This quote is special because it amounts to no more than the half-baked ramblings of a psychotic imbecile. The premise here is that, because animals plan their mating habits so as to avoid shortages of 'subsistence' (access to food and water) the perceived wealthy class, owners of property and capital have a moral obligation to commit acts of genocide among the 'inferior poor' to avoid starvation and protect access to wealth. We won't go into the false equivalence of capital - which has intangible value - to food and water both of which are tangible or the confusion between cultural reality and actual reality.

We will just point out that these beliefs are still very popular and widespread among the various hierarchies who persist in promoting the artificial scarcity and deprivation of opportunities which justifies the acts of genocide we witness today and which make up a significant part of our history and culture.

The future

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We are on the brink of social collapse. If nothing changes we face either civil unrest and civil war, but more likely to happen is that the current trend towards authoritarianism and totalitarianism will continue and this will, inevitably lead to Malthusian and eugenicist solutions, so genocide and exterminations. For some this is already happening and very few people it seems are bothered or care. Perhaps when bodies start appeared in the street from a mass extermination people will step over them and walk past as nonchalantly as they do with the street homeless today. Maybe some won't even bother looking up from their smartphones.

This is why we're working to develop the Qultura community

This is not a social movement. If anything Qultura is the antithesis of a social movement. We are a small community organization based in London which is anti-establishment, anti-authoritarian, non-ideological and non-conformist. We reject totally all modern social and cultural values because they are based on the lie that is individualism which we reject wholeheartedly.

We are creating an alternative community within existing local communities because we believe that the way out of this current situation is a radical development of empathy among people in communities which will lead to an equally radical transformation of social and cultural beliefs.

We're talking about a new type of revolution

What if say, there was a global alternative community which was made up of people working together in a global network of local community projects made up of people working together to develop increased levels of empathy through various creative, cultural, and community support projects? What if enough people got involved and this led to a whole new revolution in the way people interacted with one another socially, in their communities? What if this led to a shift in emphasis in society on the importance of individual human experience, individual human creativity?

What if this led to much stronger, far more inclusive communities, dissolved boundaries and resolved ideological conflicts, shifted the emphasis away from excessive material consumerism, consumption of mass produced mainstream culture, changed the internet into a global village and kickstarted the shift in emphasis onto individual human experience and creativity which restarted human evolution and made climate action a reality? Would that work for you?

This is exactly what our mission is about

There is no need to march in the streets or wave placards because there is no need. We don't have any agenda. We have spent the last 10 years or so working to develop a community development strategy which is based on universal principles and people being free to come into our community on their own terms, in their own way, to do their own thing, create their own change in their own lives, their own communities and create their own revolution. People like you.

There is no need for any demonstrations or protests or ideological conflict, simply because our entire culture and social values, as well as every single political ideology, is based on individualism, and individualism is very clearly a lie. We know it, and if you care to look deep enough within yourself you know it as well. So why continue to live the lie when you can come into our community and figure out the truth for yourself?

Our whole strategy is centred around the development of empathy

Empathy is something we all naturally possess and can naturally develop. Empathy is the ability to see things from the perspective of someone else. It's fundamental for developing trust, friendship, and loving relationships. Our strategy for cultural and social change is based on individual people developing empathy through social interaction and community participation with other individual people.

We have already created the three things needed to make this all happen. The only thing we need is the community of people and that's where you come in.

The Qultura organization

The Qultura organization is committed to developing, coordinating and maintaining the Qultura community.

Qultura community resources

Qultura community resources here refers to two things. It can refer to the section of webpages designed to increase awareness, understanding and insight which results in a change of personal perspective and it also refers to projects developed by members of the Qultura community which offer further opportunities to increase awareness, understanding and insight which is fundamental to the development of empathy and discipline.

You see if individualism is a lie, then you need to know what is the truth. You need to figure that out for yourself. We have no agenda. We are not here to tell you what to think or what to believe, because you figure that out by developing empathy through your social interaction with other people. We simply present the evidence - Creative Law, Universal Law, our theories, Social Theory, our concept of human individuality and we expose the lie of individualism and the main cultural myths and explain why they are myths and false.

We only give you the basics and encourage you to do your own research using the internet. We are not oracles, we're not the only people who have this awareness and understanding, there are many others, and we feel you need to check out their work and perspectives as well. But also please bear in mind that Qultura is developed with a real time community in mind. At some point you have to switch off the internet, get your face out of the screen, and go out into the real world to develop empathy and form your new social and cultural beliefs for yourself.

The Qultura community

The Qultura community is where people come in. It's free to join, accessible mainly online and offline at our Qultura Core project in Battersea, London. This serves as a model and example for other future Qultura projects.

We are totally up front and honest about who we are, what we're about and what's involved. We're not here to change the world, change society and impose our own individual and personal belief systems on others. But we're not going to lie and claim that this is going to be easy. Developing empathy requires effort, it requires getting out there and meeting people, it requires working on yourself and reaching out to others, it requires you also rejecting and getting rid of all social and cultural beliefs which are based on the false beliefs of individualism and making the effort to develop your own changes for yourself internally and in your world and your reality. This all comes down to one question though, doesn't it?

Just how serious are you about wanting social and cultural change?

This is the bottom line, isn't it? Qultura is not a social movement. We don't have any agenda for you to follow. We're all about being a community resource, community building, cultural development and developing opportunities and support for people to explore and develop their inner creativity and make the effort to walk the path to develop empathy in your community. We don't sugar coat, we don't spoon feed, we're not here to baby anyone or hold their hand.

Participation in the Qultura community is based on the Qultura Consensus, and participating in the community through developing the projects, meeting the people and taking on the roles. We let you know up front that this requires effort and work, but it's also worth bearing in mind that our strategy and methods are also incredibly effective and very powerful.

We're also highly original and innovative in our work. We know that nobody else has tried this approach and we are the first organization of our kind with this approach in the UK and possibly even the world.

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