We are the antidote to individualism.

The basis of Qultura's work is Creative Law and the Triangular Relationship (please refer to >Core Theory for more details) and we are developing the world's first global empathy community because we feel that there needs to be a transformation of social and cultural values if we are to effectively address our two biggest threats of climate change and social collapse. Currently we cannot address either of these issues because we don't have the right mindset. This is because we have been socially conditioned to think in terms of social and cultural values which are based on Western individualism, which Qultura rejects completely as a system of values.

Qultura is set up to facilitate the process of individuation as a community resource in the local community. We believe that culture based on Western individualism is both environmentally and socially toxic and thus works against the interests of most people. Creative Law is very similar to Taoism - which is explained in the video above - and we explain our opposition to culture based on Western individualism below.

The two biggest threats to the human species in the 21st century are climate change and social collapse. Both these issues share a single, common cause, and that cause is our collective unwillingness to evolve as a species and interact with our environment and each other on a much more empathetic, egalitarian basis. Despite the fact that we are fully aware of just how toxic and destructive social and cultural values based on Western individualism are to both the environment and society, most people cling to them anyway. This is because they have been conditioned through this system to prioritize their own naked self-interest at the expense of everyone and everything else and they quite frankly don't give a shit about what happens to the environment or the society they live in.

It's important that most people, if not everyone, are forced to participate in a socioeconomic system which is primarily focussed on concentrating all resources - financial, material and spatial - on corporate profit to which everyone is expected to contribute through endless consumption, debt, wage enslavement and work. More people would be perhaps more socially conscious but they are forced to participate in this abusive, exploitative economic system purely for reasons of their own survival and welfare.

Through austerity and neoliberalism this culture has further declined. It is now socially acceptable that corporate profit can be sought not just from endless consumption but also from human misery, suffering and death as the 'scantiness of subsistence' principle of Adam Smith is applied and the poor and unprofitable human beings are either left to die or are killed off.

The threats we face by climate change and social collapse are both very real and existential threats to everyone on this planet. It's important to understand that it's not just our collective attachment to Western individualism which is causing the issue here, but also the rapid development of technology which many of us don't really know how to interact with or make use of - which is evidenced by social media. We don't really have a clue how to interact with our environment or each other and we have devolved as a species where being primitive and ignorant is now socially acceptable and increasingly, our political system is becoming increasingly wedded to very large, powerful criminal interests. Much of our economic system has become nakedly exploitative so that corporate profit from human misery, suffering and death is largely socially acceptable and our political system is becoming increasingly infected by corruption and organized crime.

There is not a lot we can do about climate change. We live on a planet in a solar system which differs from other planets through its characteristic development of various ecosystems on its surface with a diverse range of different living beings of which we are one. This is the basis for our existence and the only word we have for this basis is environment. We do not have the intelligence or awareness as a species to understand the complexities of our reality such as the infinite nature of consciousness or understand the nature of planetary climate patterns or ecosystems on which our environment is based. We can only observe and experience climate change as an individual species and part of the ecosystem, but we don't have any power to change it or modify it. We are no different from any other species in that we need a natural habitat, and if the climate changes to be too hot or too cold for our existence then it's a case of tough shit, and we will die out as a species. This is the basis of our existence.

However what we can change is our culture. Culture is the fundamental basis for the human experience of life because the basis of human existence is language and culture is an important part of language. Cultural development is central to human evolution because each and every individual on this planet is an individual member of the human species - the most socially variant species in the animal kingdom - and human evolution is motivated by the individual desire to experience life and the felt sense of immediate experience while connected to others, and then find ways of verbalizing our feelings and impressions through language and culture so as to connect to other people and share our individual perspective on life. It's important to understand that culture and cultural development is a process because life is a journey and also a process. Human evolution in the collective is reflective of individual human evolution.

Western individualism is incompatible with the fundamental needs of human evolution. Western individualism is based on a belief in authoritarianism and a system of social organization which is determined by various hierarchies and organizations who decide how everyone born into that society should live and interact with other people in society. Western individualism is sold to people on the lies of freedom and democracy but the reality is anything but because if you are an individual living in such a society your life is determined and defined by various organizations - from educational to social care and residential homes for the elderly - and throughout your life you are expected to be subservient to both the hierarchy and the organization. Freedom and democracy is a lie because almost every aspect of your life is decided by an organization, not you.

What Western individualism calls freedom is actually economic self-sufficiency which you can either purchase or work for through acquiring money to purchase the necessities you need to live and also land to provide for a home and shelter and have amassed sufficiency financial resources to by these things. You don't have any freedom because your access to opportunity is usually severely restricted by the hierarchy and organizations and usually you have to sacrifice your personal freedom to work hard at achieving economic self-sufficiency to avoid destitution, social exclusion and death.

Human beings are not meant to be self-sufficient because we are social animals with a fundamental need to belong to a social group - family, community, society - and we thrive on diversity, not conformity, and on being cooperative, creative and collaborative. We are highly individual and egalitarian in nature and our greatest emotional need, besides the need to belong, is a need for empathy and a sense of deeper social connections to other people.

We believe that the time has come to reject Western individualism and all the ideologies which have developed out of social and cultural values because we are at a very advanced stage of cultural decline and the only outcome we face currently is either a global fascist dictatorship or civil unrest which is likely to descend into a global civil war as people fight among themselves for access to the resources they need to live.

There are no quick or easy solutions to this predicament simply because life is not a problem to be solved and neither is culture. Both life and culture are processes which means cultural development is a process. You cannot resolve cultural decline through applying quick and easy solutions or even by throwing money at it, because if you do trying to solve cultural decline can get very resource hungry very fast - especially if you don't know what you are doing - and you run the risk of causing further cultural decline and social fragmentation.

Furthermore we cannot think of addressing the issues of social collapse and environmental issues simply because we do not have the right mindset to address either of these issues. This is evidenced by the failure of the anti-austerity movement to end austerity and the failure of the green movement to bring about effective and widespread climate action. We are still mentally enslaved to our social conditioning and belief in social and cultural values based on Western individualism and trying to find the right ideology or solution to these issues - here Universal Credit is the obvious example of why, even today we don't have the right mindset to address poverty or our social, political and economic failures.

What needs to happen is that we need a completely new culture and a completely new set of social and cultural values. We desperately need to start treating each other differently and also start treating our environment differently and this requires a commitment to working together to address these issues as a complete human species and learning how to evolve again as a species. As human evolution requires a process of individuation the only thing we need to be focussed on is shifting the focus back to human evolution and how to facilitate it. Only when we are evolving again as a species and have accepted the fact that effective climate action is human evolution which is also effective social interaction will we have the right mindset to collectively address our issues.

Evolution through empathy and community

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Understand the new role Qultura is developing in society.

Qultura is the first community organization in the United Kingdom to advocate social and cultural change through the use and development of empathy. Our work is based on Creative Law and the Triangular Relationship. We reject all social and cultural values based on Western individualism because we know that the individual human being is connected to both an environment and society (see the Triangular Relationship) and also - being a member of the most socially variant species in the animal kingdom - all human beings have four fundamental emotional needs:

  • a need to belong to different social groups
  • a need to express themselves creatively and share their experience of life with others
  • a need for dignity and to feel valued by others
  • a need for empathy and the knowledge that their life is meaningful

All too often modern culture places a conditionality on these basic human needs. Many people do not get these basic, fundamental emotional needs met and this is evidenced by the increasingly broad range of social issues from crime and addiction to obesity, mental illness, anxiety disorders, depression and suicides.

What we are seeking to do

Qultura is developing a global community which is focussed on developing empathy and shifting the emphasis onto human creativity and individual human experience which has two very clear objectives.

  • to facilitate a process of individuation which is freely accessible to everyone in the local community
  • to work together as a community to develop local community culture and develop empathy with a view to transforming human social relationships and developing new social and cultural values which replace the outdated and toxic current cultural attitudes based on Western individualism.

We are a completely new type of social enterprise and for the past 10 years we have worked to develop a strategy and methodology which is effective and consistently successful. Having completed a decade of research and development we are now ready to populate our community and invite people to sign up to our global Qultura community. There are various aspects of our strategy and methodology which differentiate us from almost any other type of social enterprise.

Qultura is a new type of social enterprise set up to facilitate human evolution on different levels - personal, cultural and at the level of local community. Qultura works in the public interest and is strictly non profit, non commercial, non political and non ideological. Our community is open to anyone in society irrespective of their background, circumstances and identity and is also completely free of charge to everyone participasting in our community.

Creative Law was developed by one of Qultura's founders Stella Baker (now its Core Facilitator) in November 2009 after she discovered that drama is opposite to trauma and linked to both the perception of consciousness and human evolution. Creative Law illustrates the core principles of existence and the interaction between energy, consciousness and space and is composed of the creative cycle and the energy spectrum between drama and trauma. Creative Law can be seen as a different interpretation of Taoism where the creative cycle corresponds to 'chi' or life force in Taoism and drama and trauma correspond to yin and yang. Creative law answers the scientific hard question of what motivates human evolution. The simple answer is the need for empathy and the felt sense of immediate experience in the human individual.

Qultura is a community of people created to make it possible for anyone in a local community to go through a process of individuation to bring about change in their life experience or personal perspective through the development of awareness, discipline, empathy and social interaction. We are possibly still the only organization to advocate a process of individuation after a traumatic experience in life and for this reason we work to support anyone who is experiencing issues which involve social stigma or social exclusion. We also work to develop culture and connect people to develop stronger, much more inclusive local communities.

It doesn't matter who you are, your life experience and perspective on life is determined by your biology, your social programming and your programming variables. Freedom of choice is a cultural myth as is personal responsibility for one's actions and choices. This is the point of the Triangular Relationship which was developed out of Creative Law. It doesn't matter who you are, you are a human individual who is relative to both an environment and a society. This Triangular Relationship is a constant in your life and every choice you make, and every decision, and every action carries consequences which are not only personal but also social and environmental.

It is also true that your biggest issues in life are caused by social and environmental factors, not personal factors. For example homelessness and unemployment both have social and environmental factors but individualism is in denial of this reality. Other people cause you far bigger issues than either your health or your personal mistakes. It's also important to remember that developing empathy requires discipline and personal authenticity. It's important in life that you not only talk your talk, but also walk your walk and live your truth. Otherwise you leave yourself wide open for other people to define your life experience.

Qultura exists to make it possible to figure out the how and what of your life. This is principle and process. Your life perspective, which is unique and individual to you, is the principle. Your life is a journey, the path you take through life, and how you interact with your environment, the people in your life, and society in general. This is the process. Your life is made up of these two things and you come into the Qultura community if you have issues, questions or seek to make changes to either of these two things. The point of the Qultura community is to seek change another people are concerned also with the how and what of their lives. It's through discussing this how and what with each other we develop empathy and connect to one another on a much deeper level than you will find anywhere else.

You cannot be completely defined by either yourself and other people. This is because we define ourselves with words and language according to culture and this involves sharing our perspective. Our perspective changes as a result of our life experiences. While we can be defined only in superficial terms we can never get to know ourselves completely or define ourselves completely because perspective is relative to life, which is a constant process and it is our experience of life which changes our perspective of both ourselves and other people.

Developing empathy requires the constant development of your unique and individual perspective which requires community participation and social interaction with a diverse range of people to achieve personal authenticity and a sense of relevance through which other people can connect to you. Participation in the Qultura community requires constant cultural development through the development of local community projects and offers you a range of different roles through which you can connect to others while developing your life experience and building on your perspective. In this way you are not only developing your perspective but also evolving through developing culture in your local community. This is what develops empathy and serves to change or transform social and cultural values in your local community.

Developing empathy through participation in cultural development is a very powerful, effective means of change which can quickly negate apathy (which is the opposite of empathy), broaden perspective, rebuild self-confidence and self esteem and break down all forms of barriers between people. People form social bonds far quicker than any other form of emotional attachment and the basis of our community is focussed on primary social interaction - social interaction which is pleasant, positive and reaffirming. Furthermore most people respond positively to empathy and it is something which is extremely difficult to resist.

Qultura is based entirely on principles, individual perspective and the felt sense of immediate experience. Our principles are the universal principles of Creative Law and Natural Law, the derivative Triangular Relationship, concept of human individuality, social theory, and associated concepts. There is no ideology, no common or shared belief system, no rules, no policies, no procedures, just individual human perspective and individual life experience. Each person who participates in our community develops their own principles from the Qultura Consensus on the basis of their life perspective and life experience.

Qultura is a community of individual people all working towards, in their own way, developing empathy through a process of individuation, development of individual perspective, community participation, and involvement in different community projects. Our community is essentially a subculture and alternative community which develops in an existing local community of people still mentally enslaved by social conditioning based on individualism. The Qultura community seeks to offer an alternative social environment and community experience to that found in wider society.

Please also be aware that the Qultura community has completely different community standards to the wider community. We are an egalitarian community where empathy, mutual support, reciprocity, food sharing, personal integrity and community participation are all extremely important. We have zero tolerance for bigotry and fascism, judgmental people and anyone who defines themselves by their ideology. The necessary prerequisite is an open mind and non-judgmental attitude to other people who are also going through their process of individuation.

As we are a developing to be a global empathy community it is our community which is central to the whole Qultura experience. You cannot develop empathy while sitting at a computer or staring into a smartphone, you have to get out there into your community, participate, meet different people, step outside your comfort zone, try out different things, and develop your perspective. We regard as our resources our website, message board and social media groups and pages.

The organization part of Qultura is known as Qultura Core and it functions as an organism, and not an organization. Qultura Core is the central hub and administration which holds the community together and is based in Nine Elms in South London. Qultura Core also functions as a resource, and as we are egalitarian there is no division between the Qultura community and Qultura Core, and community members can become part of Qultura Core simply by changing their role in the community.

This comes back to the Triangular Relationship. We are a community of people who are working together and very seriously committed to shifting the emphasis and focus in our communities and society back to the primacy of individual human experience and individual human creativity. This is the whole point of developing empathy and facilitating human evolution. However as per the Triangular Relationship there also needs to be an environmental focus as well.

This also goes back to our blanket rejection of Western individualism. We refuse to behave like a regular social enterprise. We reject as much as possible all forms of consumerism and mindless consumption of existing Western culture. Instead we create our own culture. We avoid fundraising but when we need to gather resources we always seek outside our own community from the wider community and society. We support reparations for the black community and part of our community objectives is to include the black community and other non-white communities in our community on an equal footing. We are not white-washed nor do we tolerate or condone white supremacy in any form.

The Qultura Core project does not rent office space, we avoid wherever possible spending any money or resources on profit seeking enterprises, we collaborate with other creative people and other organizations and communities, charities which are clearly socially progressive and not exploitative of human misery or suffering. We also avoid purchasing new things wherever possible, and we focus on the victims of Western individualism rather than the perpetrators.

This also comes back to the Triangular Relationship. If you are seeking change through your own process of personal individuation, then whatever change you seek on a personal level will also create change on a social and environmental level. If you seek social change then you will also have to accept the individual and environmental change that goes with it. Likewise if you are seeking environmental change you must also accept that there needs to be social change and individual change.

However if you are seeking such change through our strategy and methodology and you are seeking change through participation in our community then you are also in alignment with the environment, i.e. the planet and the cosmos. If you are in alignment with your inner self and perspective, the community and your environment then you should find that things will start to become easier at some point because you will be functioning in your authentic self and following your path in alignment with the energy around you (your environment) and other people will respond more positively to you (social).

A very important and major part of our mission is solidarity with the destitute, homeless, poor, sick, weak, excluded, marginalized, stigmatized and others is a very important part of our mission and work and these people all have perspectives which can be of tremendous benefit to our mission.

This aspect of our mission is so important that we have created the concept of reverse participation in our community so these people can seek out support from the wider community and get past whatever barriers - practical, financial, social, emotional, psychological - which prevents them from living their life and developing their perspective.

We are developing projects which will officially 'shadow' the Universal Credit system and create a sense of community and mutual support for Universal credit claimants. We are developing a project for the street homeless in London and in 2020 we are also seeking to be the first community to develop a system and strategy to support people affected by Social Credit and being placed in the 'active denial system'.