• Promoting creativity, individuality, and human rights

Qultura's mission and objectives


Free access to culture - Qultura's founding principle

Qultura's founding principle is based on the free access to culture for every single human being in society. Free means exactly that, completely free. By culture we are referring to all access to culture, opportunities in cultural development, opportunities to develop one's individual and personal experience and the complete freedom to explore, experiment and discover consciousness through social interaction, community participation and direct personal experience. This also includes the complete freedom to develop your mind and thinking and the freedom to define yourself through your functioning in society, your participation in the community and through your speech, behaviour and personal self-expression. This founding principle forms the basis of our definition of human rights which is based on reciprocity - a human right is the ability to live without oppression or causing harm to any other living being or the environment, but also that you be free to live without being subject to oppression or at risk of harm from others in society.

Solidarity with the disempowered, poor, stigmatized, marginalized and excluded

As a matter of principle we reject the legitimacy of authority in society and will continue to do so until there is nobody left without somewhere to live, without food, without shelter, without access to medical treatment, without access to a meaningful and fulfilling occupatiion and work, and without a sense of belonging, connection and individual liberty to live, interact and acquire individual personal experience to develop consciousness. This means we stand in shoulder in solidarity with people, with individual people, and with community.

How we work to achieve our mission and objectives

Our mission is to promote human creativity and individuality through acting as a community resource at a local community level. We are working to develop an environment and resources which are accessible to everyone irrespective of where they find themselves in the country, or indeed the world, where they can explore and develop the connections between themselves and others, explore and develop their individuality and inner creativity, interact with others socially, and develop a sense of belonging, connection, commmunity to others in society through which they can develop their own sense of personal identity, personal authenticity, acuiring personal experience through which they can change their relationship with society and function in the way they personally find meaningful, significant and fulfilling. These ways are shown below:

We make accessible on this website various online resources which include Creative Law (previously the theory of creativity), Universal Law, a Social Theory and Human Individuality together with various concepts and webpages about the aspects of cultural decline and disempowerment.

You are free to make use of this content as you wish for non profit, non commercial purposes. We do not require you to believe anything, think any certain way, and encnourage you to use these resources to develop your own personal interpretations and beliefs.

We provide free access to various online groups on social media including Facebook, MeWe, Minds and Groupbox. You have to sign up to gain access to these groups, which are moderated to prevent trolling, spamming and other forms of personal capitalism or the promotion of ideology. You can join all these groups free of charge. We do not monetize any of our content or require membership fees or subscriptions.

While still in their infancy, these groups exist to provide the means of connecting to other people and developing your own groups, projects and communities.

Reverse participation is part of our support system which anyone can apply for to get access to support from others. Currently when you reachn out for support to any social issue you lose the ability to define how that issue affects you and also the freedom and autonomny over your experience of that issue. With Qultura you keep that control and autonomy and get to define how the issue affects you and also how you are supported by others.

Qulturan is based on projects (explained in our introducion) but when you become recognized as a reverse participant you can create appeals and gather your own resources and support. We do this to empower people and also to create the opportunity of creating a culture in which social issues are defined not by what those in authority decide but by the definition of those who experience the issues first hand.

Pledge and support is Qultura's system of developing community support and connecting people who need support from others to those who can give that support. Qultura doesn't have the inafrastructure, energy, or resources to fundraise or gather resources centrally. Our system of community support is decentralized so that support goes quickly and efficiently to those who need it.

Just like someone can become a reverse participant and create appeals, others can become Qultura suppiorters and pledge support specifying how they want to support others and who they want to support. This system is designed to be fair, flexible and efficient. It is also designed to bring people together in local communities.

Creating free access to culture

Qultura's mission and objectives is all about making opportunities to develop one's mind and have free access to culture freely accessible to everyone in society. Currently this doesn't happen and no matter where you are in the world, your access to culture and opportunities to develop your mind is controlled by an organization - be it a local authority, a religious organization, a corporation, an institution, the media, broadcasting, a political party or social movement. In every single one of these examples you hasve to think a certain way, believe certain things and conform to authority and a hierarchy. Qultura is the alternative which explains our name 'Qultura' (pronounced 'cool-tourer') - we promote cultural development.

Where you fit in

There's a reason why we don't require or expect anything from you. Participation is essential. This is about your life, your community, and your society. We cannot dictate to you how to think, what to believe, just as much as we cannot dictate or determine what is culture and what is the local culture in your community and home envirionment. That is for you and others in your community to decide, not us. We simply provide the opportunities and the support.

Part of the reason is that, if you do decide to make use of these opportunities, you're going to have to reject the legitimacy of authority as we do. But rejection of that legitimacy can also involve rejection of ideology, belief systems, and the value system based on instant gratification, hypocrisy and egocentricty which is promoted throughout society. You;'re going to have to go on a journey of examining and questioning your beliefs, working out what is real and what isn't and this involves a process of unlearning and questioning and connecting to people differently, or even different people. Those are your decisions. We cannot make them for you.

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