"What's in it for me?"


If there was ever question which is so characteristic of our times, it is the one above.

The advanced stages of cultural decline

We are in the advanced stages of cultural decline brought about by hyper-individualism and neoliberal free market culture which has decimated our infrastructure, communities and culture. People have become far too enslaved to ideology and various belief systems.

Traditional morality, necessary for the development of empathy and social bonding, has been replaced by a widespread belief in individualism and a new style of morality which is based on material and financial values, superficial and quick self-help solutions, and the naked pursuit of narrow self-interests at the expense of everything else. How you treat others is no longer important. What's important it seems is the importance of the economic system, of getting a job, of earning money, of excessive materialism and consumerism, of seeking maximum profit for minimum cost, investment and outlay.

Apathy is widespread throughout society

Apathy is widespread throughout society with many people becoming non-committal, unreliable, distrustful, sceptical, defensive, passively hostile, and totally self-centred. This is not natural, but comes as a result of the deception, lies, exploitation, enslavement to ideology, artificial scarcity as well as the fear, lack of physical security (access to income and things necessary in order to live), fear, as those in control and power often become more single-minded about making a failing socioeconomic system work when it so clearly doesn't work, cannot work and never will work.

Cultural decline is a process

Cultural decline is a process, a traumatic process and one which has been going on for very many years. There are no solutions. You cannot resolve cultural decline through throwing money at it. You cannot resolve cultural decline through any solution or any ideology. You cannot resolve cultural decline by pushing people into bullshit Mickey Mouse low paid jobs by corporations. The only way you can resolve cultural decline is by reversing the process and creating opportunities for new social and cultural values through sustained cultural development.