Qultura's mission and objectives


We work to support and promote human creativity and individuality.

This means that we work to promote and support individual human experience because together creativity and individuality constitute experience.

Our funding principle

The founding principle of Qultura is that opportunities to explore and develop one's individual creativity and to contribute to culture should be freely accessible to everyone in a community or society. Freely accessible means just that, free from all restrictions on opportunity such as having to rent community space, to pay for access to websites, to purchase materials, to pay membership, subscriptions, pay for courses, and all such other restrictions with regard to access to space or opportunity.

This means that we work to make such opportunities accessible to everyone in society, irrespective of their age, identity, background and circumstances.

Development of our mission

Qultura was set up in November 2009 as a non profit organization working in the public interest to make accessible and to share Creative Law, a theory of creativity, to people in the community and wider society so they could explore and develop their individual creativity in ways which are beneficial to themselves but also to other people.

This was after it was discovered that human evolution is motivated by individual human creativity and also individual human experience. It is individual human creativity which develops culture. Cultural development promotes social progress, and social progress advances human evolution.

The Qultura system

Qultura has been set up as a system on the basis of a biological organism such as a biological cell, human body, or the Universe itself. Just like the universe and human body Qultura functions as an autonomous, fully conscious, self-regulating system, based on universal principles. There are no rules, no policies, no procedures, no central causes, no ideology and no central belief system.

This system has four components:

The Qultura website
This website which contains access to the theory, concepts, cultural information, information about Qultura and means of contact and communication
The Qultura community
The Qultura community which exists online and offline and is accessible to those who choose to access it.
The Qultura community is being developed out of the Qultura Core project in London, which is considered the nucleus or hub of the Qultura community, the Qultura organization, its administration and serves as an example or model for projects developed within the Qultura community.
Individual projects
These are projects developed and created by members of the Qultura community. As the Qultura community grows and more people get involved the number of individual projects can increase and diversify. As there is no central ideology, belief system or cause all Qultura projects are individual, unique and can be different from other projects.
Due to the diversity of the community and projects within the system any member of the Qultura community can take on different roles, depending on where they are in the community, what projects they are involved in, and the requirements of the projects they are involved in. These roles are kept fluid and flexible but follow a universal principle. To take part in a project simply participate. To develop a project, the community or become part of the Qultura organization, simply volunteer. To get support from others, simply reverse your participation.

Developing culture and prioritizing individual human experience

As per the above system Qultura works to develop culture at local community level and also shift the emphasis in society back towards the primacy of individual human experience. Many consider us to be the first type of organization of our kind in the UK, and possibly the world and we offer possibly the only environment where you can meet and connect with people and develop both individual consciousness and creativity which is free from cost and also free from ideology and centralized belief systems.

The humanitarianism of the Qultura Core project

The Qultura Core project which is the organization within the community is a humanitarian organization which combines human rights and cultural development and is opposed on principle to all forms of authoritarianism, fascism, bigotry, and totalitarianism. The Qultura Core project stands up for the rights of the human individual against the organization and seeks to redress the balance between individual and community in favour of the individual human being.

There is also a very clear environmental objective here because we are seeking to shift the emphasis away from all forms of mass consumption and consumerism towards the primacy of individual human experience. This includes the consumption of information and the consumption of culture in favour of the creation of culture through individual projects and direct positive action and participation in the local community.