Monkey see, monkey do

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There's a lot of people out there in society who never really break out of the lockstep mentality that they're forced to conform to at school. They are totally and completely obedient to authority and go through life without ever having an original thought in their head or breaking any rules. Just like dogs and some small children they're house trained, well trained and obedient, and as long as you give them a sense of purpose, a structure and routine, and throw a few treats their way, they won't give you that much trouble. If you think I'm exaggerating here please feel free to click on the audio clip attached to the image of the three wise monkeys.

The recording goes on for more than an hour. You don't have to listen to all of it. Just listen to as much of it as you like to hear a shining example of lockstep thinking and brainwashing among grown adults, some much older and grey haired, who have willingly drove to a building and walked in through the entrance to be put through such treatment. I personally find this way of thinking completely alien. I was raised in the 1960's and 1970's so i got physically punished and from a very young age if I were caught by my mother being mindlessly obedient she would give me a smack and say something along the lines of:

If [insert name] told you to jump off a cliff would you?

Blind obedience is not a virtue

This is what we're really up against in society - masses of socially programmed people who have little or no existential dimension to their being, who are blindly obedient to external authority figures and whose lives revolve around nothing more than a central purpose, usually a job or career where they take on the exact same sense of missionary importance and total commitment to authority as the people in power. This is the so called 'mainstream' which isn't really mainstream because there is no mainstream. Mainstream is an illusion and the vast majority of people don't fit into any "mainstream" simply because the human species doesn't do categories but exists on a vast, diverse spectrum. Most people in society. and I'm referring to 80% of the population, fit quite neatly into a label and minority - if you're into categorizing people, which I'm not (I did for a while as an equalities officer of a political party but this was purely a social experiment on my part).

I'm referring to people who aren't really living and cannot in any way be regarded as conscious living beings simply because they exist purely on the physical plane of existence. They get up in the morning and get ready to go to work. They generally work full time, often working longer than they spend asleep. This is often because they're caught up in a repetitive cycle of having to work for money doing things they don't enjoy doing for people who don't appreciate them. They do this just for the money so they can go home and come back the next day to continue doing things they don't enjoy for the same people who don't appreciate them. Often such people are so enslaved and dependent on their jobs or career but yet are usually easily replaced they have to create a self-important persona with the exact same sense of missionary importance where they have to constantly lie to themselves and deny the reality of their meaningless and worthless existence.

Their free time generally revolves around consumerism, excessive materialism and consumption, spending money, filling their houses will all sorts of useless crap, getting pissed, or lusting after petty luxuries or cheap exotic holidays where they will spend a few hours looking at some scenery and taking a few photos but generally spend time in some overpriced hotel doing stuff they usually do on a weekend at home.

The 'me me me me' culture of Ego

Within this are the people who cannot think of anyone other than themselves from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep. It is all about 'me me me me' 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year with the only variation 'What can I get out of other people today?' or the penultimate question:

What's in it for me?

The smirk of self-satisfied superiority

You try and get such people interested in doing something for their community but most of the time I actually don't bother. See the minute you try and engage them you get this smug smirk and the facial expression of fake interest as if to say:

What can someone like you possible teach someone like me?

Nothing dude, I'm just trying to connect you to the community you're living in. It's up to you to teach yourself. I'm just offering you an opportunity for free, just too bad that you're not prepared to even listen though, isn't it? I have my own life, karma and reality to deal with, you have your karma but it's clear that you're not very interested in being an actual real human being but prefer to just pretend to be a human being and hide behind your mask and fake persona.

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Reality always catches up with such people

Just by way of using a well known public figure as an example, a man approaching his 80's who is already fighting a losing battle with actual reality and is constantly on the self-defensive. I look at the current US president with a sense of profound sadness. Here is a man who had so many opportunities to create a soul and discover his humanity but who never really gave it that much effort and probably never even tried. Far too busy riding the waves. I could be wrong, but if I'm wrong he's keeping his sense of humanity and consciousness well concealed and a closely guarded secret.

Reality will always, always catch up with you. That wave you're riding will crash. As you get older life becomes harder and harder and much more of a struggle. You crave more but achieve less. Trump is an example of karma and being reborn into a life with a tiny mouth, large stomach and constant hunger, where nothing is ever going to be enough and there will never be any satisfaction. As you get older and energy becomes much harder to come by, and parts of your body start failing, you will look back and your life and, seeing your past as the future as possibilities, you will immediately see the chances you didn't take and the opportunities and possibilities you refused to consider.

Just consider that some of the opportunities you passed up never come back in your lifetime. What can be sadder than being there on your deathbed, feeling that life is slipping away from you, yet knowing as you look back on your life that you never really lived? Anything?

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