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About appeals


Introduction to writing appeals

The purpose of creating a pledge and appeal system is so that Qultura can take a step back and create opportunities for people to connect to one another in a way which is much more transparent, reliable and human. The connection here of course is connecting people who need the support to the people who can give the support. Instead of just pledging support and donating to Qultura or turning to Qultura for support, we feel it is better for those who need the support to be able to share their experiences and narratives so that others can have a context to understand the benefits of getting such support.

What is an appeal?

An appeal is an appeal for support for something that you cannot do for yourself or provide for yourself and is designed to help you in some way overcome a barrier or difficulty which is caused either by stigma or exclusion or to prevent further stigma or exclusion from taking place. The barrier can be a practical barrier, it might be financial, social, or it could be an emotional or psychological barrier.

What can I appeal for?

Generally if there's something which can help you overcome some sort of barrier as a means of support you can appeal for it. You can appeal for support which is material, practical, financial, emotional or social, such as help to meet expenses to avoid financial hardship, help with transport to get somewhere, help to get an essential item of furniture, help with household chores, with running an errand, or even just for someone to talk to or accompany you somewhere, such as a hospital appointment, a DWP assessment, or some advice or help.

You can also appeal for help and support to set up a new actviity, a new interest group, a new community activity, a new creative activity, or something which involves a group of people in your local community. You can decide to set up a new community group, activity, a social enterprise, a new community association or club, and youj might need support with finding space, getting technical help, financial support, or something else.

The objective - the purpose of your appeal

It's important when writing an appeal to have a clear objective as to why you're writing an appeal. All successful appeals have a clear objective and a unique ID. It's these two things, the objective and unique ID which allows you to share your appeal with others, online, offline, to complete strangers, other organizations, on social media, anywhere where you think you can get support. Having a unique ID and objective enables other people to specifically support your appeal.

Additional information

Additional information is where you give the complete details of your appeal, what you need, why you need it, and how it will benefit you if you get the support you're asking for. You can include a narrative such as a bit about your background, some history, a story to provide context. You can also provide information of how you are affected through not having the support, or what could happen if you don't receive the support. Likewise you will also need to write something about what effect or changes will take place if you get the support and how it will help you achieve your objective.

What your appeal cannot contain.

Your appeal needs to be published by Qultura and cannot contain any reference to any bank accounts, Paypal accounts, personal email addresses, contact phone numbers or any other way of contacting you directly. You also cannot use an appeal to solicit any materials goods, cash, or direct payments in any form, nor can you use a Qultura appeal to obtain free goods and services, as a basis for claiming benefits, getting donations, grants or funding or applying for benefits. Additionally you cannot promote your appeal in any way by direct face to face contact.

Who can write appeals?

You need to be a reverse participant to be able to write appeals.