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Understanding the bigger picture

Social stigma is the critical symptom of cultural decline which creates social division and subsequently social fragmentation. Social stigma is based on cultural and social beliefs designed to create divisions between people so as to deny them access to opportunities. The motivation is a desire for domination and control over another human being or group of people, each of who carry the 'marker' or stigma. As these divisions are created for access to power which is social, economic and political false divisions are created based on privilege and marginalization.

The process aspect

Social stigma is a primary symptom of cultural decline which is a p[rocess. This means that it is dependent on time, people and events. As with any other social issue stigma, if left unchecked and unchallenged, not only spreads it also gets deeper or more profound in effect. This emans more people are affected. Social change requires cultural change. Contrary to what many people think, the solution cannot be reached by political change. If it could Qultura would have become a political party. The only solution is to reverse the process, and this requires cultural change and development involving many different people at a lcoal community level.

What Qultura is looking to achieve

Qultura is developed as a local community and social media resource which facilitates the process of social stigma through developing networks - on social media, local community, community support and social support networks. Our mission and objectievss are charitable and cultural and whatw e are looking to achieve is to become an organization to facilitate social and cultural change at local community level for people in the local community and online.

There are two aspects to our msision and objectives. The first, which we see as a wider objective, is to create networks and communities of people in such communities involved and participating. When we have people involved and participating in a network, whether it be online or in a local community, we can move onto our deeper objective which is to provide support to people who are affected by social stigma and social exclusion.

How this is designed to work

Qultura creates networks which are accessible, inclusive and based on social support to people in local communities. As we have no deeper knowledge of local community culture (each local community has its own culture) it is essential that we get people from local communities involved and participating in the networks we create. Qultura therefore takes a passive role, we do not determine what local community culture should be nor do we dictate how local community culture should develop.

Why we need volunteers

We need volunteers to help develop networks, to bring people together, to connect people, and to create opportunities for social interaction and cultural development so that people can come together and start changing their culture, rebuilding their local communities and working towards social change in a way which reverses the processes of social stigma, social division and social fragmentation.

Why we keep volunteering roles diverse, fluid and flexible

We offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities - administration, campaigning, content creation, online moderation, networking, media creation, and technical - which can be done either online only as virtual volunteering opportunities or meeting afce to face in real time in community space. The idea is to create opportunities to bring people together to interact socially in real time, share ideas, share interests, share experiences, take part in various creative, cultural and social activities, and work together to develop culture.

This means you can pretty much volunteer how you like, chosoe different roles, mix and match roles, try out new roles, or even create your own role. Whether you do this tiogether with others working in community space in London or alone on a computer from home in the middle of nowhere is entirely down to you. You can volunteer when you like, as often as you like, as much as you like, as little as you like, you only commit to that what you arrange with Qultura or others.