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More about pledging support


What is a pledge?

A pledge is short for a pledge of support, which is a simple promise or undertaking to provide support to someone who is struggling or experiencing hardship as a result of being affected by social exclusion and social stigma. These are people who are trying to overcome various barriers in their lives - these barriers may be practical, financial, social, emotional or psychological. Irrespective of the nature of the barrier and the experience these are people who cannot for whatever reason either provide the means or overcome the barriers themselves and this is where they need support and assistance from other people.

Pledges and appeals

As part of our mission and objectives Qultura works to connect people who need support to people who can give that support. One way in which we do this is to encourage people to participate in our networks through various groups on social media and in local communities. People who need support can become reverse participants and write appeals and others who participate or somehow become involved can make pledges and become supporters. This is within a community based on mutual support and provides a connection between people who need support to people who can provide that support. We work to match pledges of support to appeals in ways which are reliable, transparent, fair and human.

What can I pledge?

Not all support needs are physical, i.e. practical, financial, spatial or material, and some appeals for support are based on more emotional or psychological support needs. For all non-physical support needs we encourage participation and involvement in our networks which are made freely accessible to everyone. Pledges however are designed for more physical means of giving support, such as help to meet expenses, making donations, providiing access to space, providing goods, products and services, and passing on used and working items and bits of furniture to other people who need such items.

Who can make pledges?

If you are in a position to provide physical support to people or another person, you can pledge your support. This means you can be a private individual, a business, company or other organization,l you can even be a local authority or government body, another charity, or other organization. Please bear in mind that you're pledging support not just to Qultura as an organization, but also to whatever networks and communities Qultura develops with people.

Hosting appeals

In making a pledge you're agreeing to bhost appeals which generally means we match any relevant appeals from people who need the support you have pledged to your pledge. We do this by email, sending relevant appeals to you and leave it up to you to decide which appeals you actually support and which you choose to ignore. There is no obligation involved in pledging your support, it's a simple declaration of how you are prepared to support others. This means that if you make a pledge you are not bound to follow through, you do not owe us or anyone else anything, you are under no obligation to provide the support you have pledged. However pledges of support are extremely helpful to us when it comes to developing the networks and creating the communities we do as part of carrying out our mission and objectives.

You can also, additionally, if you are a retailer, such as a supermarket, grocer, small independent retailer, undertake to host our appeals in your store as a means of in store support. For example if you are a supermarket or grocer you can print out and display our appeals in your store as a means by which customers can donate essential grocery or toiletry itemsprior to the items being collected from the store by the reverse participant. We are developing this way of pledges and appeals in local communities as an alternative to food banks.

Trust, confidence and security issues

As security and fraud are major concerns for many people when it comes to providing support online, especially on social media, our pledge and appeal system comes with a means of authentication and verification through a unique ID system. This is designed to ensure that any support which is pledged goes directly to those who need it and all our reverse participants can be authenticated and verified by Qultura.

How to follow through on a pledge of support

Each appeal you receive comes with full details about all aspects of the appeal, including a clear set of instructions on what to do if you want to follow through and support that particular appeal. You will find that this is a much better alternative to being constantly bombarded with indiscriminate fundraising and resource gathering 'spam' emails. We don't have the resources, the time or the energy to 'spam' anyone.