About mysticism - the interaction between reality and existence

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One can quickly understand what mysticism is all about when we consider the relationship between a tree and the environment. In the above image we can see a tree in winter growing out of the earth. All around the tree you can see space.

Space is not nothing, but everything in existence. The universe is space, which means that the universe is everything in existence in the present moment. Space is therefore reality. Within this space you have consciousness, which is existence, or information, or content. You cannot have existence without reality, which means that you cannot have consciousness without space. Space is infinite, and cannot be defined, fully understood or explained. It just is. Likewise consciousness is infinite, and also cannot be defined, fully understood or explained. It just is.

Mysticism is any study of this relationship between reality (space) and existence (consciousness) through energy. Energy is what connects existence to reality and also connects to consciousness and space. Unlike consciousness and space, energy is finite and is a matter of wavelength, frequency and either consciousness and or space.

Therefore mysticism is not a religion, it is not science, it is not religion, it is not philosophy. Mysticism is not in any way a human concept, but all of these things, science, religion, philosophy, and so on are the various ways Mankind develops to explain mysticism or the relationship between consciousness, space and energy. Mysticism is therefore actual reality.

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The environment creates, the tree grows

One of the basic characteristics of our planet which makes it different from other planets in the solar system is that it is a planet which supports living existence. The creation of an infinite number of life forms is a fundamental characteristic of Earth. There's around three trillion trees on the surface of this planet all of which you will find growing out of the ground. You do not find trees growing at the bottom of the ocean, nor do you see trees flying through the air. In fact pretty much where you find humans and other animals, you will also find trees.

In fact the only place you will find a tree growing is out of the ground. A tree grows in both directions from the surface of the ground. Upwards you get a trunk, you get boughs, branches, twigs and leaves, and below the surface of the ground the tree grows roots.

But what we want to draw your attention to is the constant interaction that is going on between space and the environment, and the existence of the tree, which is consciousness. This is all the same interaction of consciousness, energy and space which takes place throughout the universe. The tree has a physical form just like anything else in existence, but as it is living, it is also conscious and out of that consciousness and energy the tree grows and will continue growing until it eventually dies and becomes wood.

You see the tree in physical terms is part of the planet. It's only the consciousness of the tree from which it has life and autonomy to be creative relative to its form, it's relationship to the environment and also it's relationship to everyone else which is living on the planet. The tree grows in a way which is unique and individual to that tree. This is why you never find two trees which are exactly the same, because each tree is creative in its own way.

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Can you see how the same relationship applies to you?

In reality you are not much different to the tree. Like the tree you cannot fly through the air nor can you live naturally on the seabed. "Ah," you might say, "The tree is rooted to the ground and cannot move around like I can." Sure you can walk and move around, but you are still just as dependent on the ground as the tree. Without the ground or a floor, what will you be able to walk on?

You might not have started out from a seed, but surely you started life as an ovum or egg in your mother's womb. It was only through sexual intercourse with your father which prevented menstruation and instead resulted in a pregnancy. This set off the exact same interaction between reality and existence, and between space and consciousness. As you went through the process of being a zygote, embryo and foetus you grew and became more conscious, and created more space in your mother's womb, until there was no more space and you had grown enough to become born.

You probably cannot remember being born, because you didn't have enough consciousness or memory developed but you can probably remember being a small child. But are you a small child now? You can remember being a small child due to consciousness, and thus have memory of your existence. Throughout your entire life your reality has changed, and throughout your life you have grown pretty much the same as a tree and every other life form on this planet. You are subject to the same cycles of creativity and interaction as everything else in the universe, everything else on this planet, and everything else which lives.

This is what mysticism is all about, the interaction between existence (consciousness) and reality (space) through energy (physicality). This is what makes empathy and relationship so vitally important because what we're referring to here is the fundamental basis for life and living existence.

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