It is important to understand here that we are not using the word 'myth' in the common way to mean a story or tale which is untrue, but in a much more powerful sense. We are referring very specifically to various falsehoods which were either once believed to be true but which have since been disproven or beliefs which were patently untrue to begin with but which have been presented as the truth or reality.

These myths are powerful for the simple reason that they are so widespread and popular, especially through Western culture - but not exclusively - that they have been adopted into our language as either real or true, or they have formed the basis of our thinking and ideas about what we consider to be reality and the truth.

The false illusion of separateness

As a clear example of what we mean here by myth is the false illusion of separateness between self and everything else that most people seem to have. Most people tend to see themselves as a centre of consciousness or ego trapped inside a body which is encased by skin, where the skin is a hard border between them and their bodies and everything else.

People say things like "I came into this world." Really? From where exactly? Where else have humans existed other than Planet Earth or the universe? You have come out of this world just as much as an apple grows out of a tree and a tree grows out of the earth. You not only need air to breathe with and also to live, you also need water, food, attention, exercise, and everything you need all comes down to energy, space and consciousness, which is what you are made up from and so too is everybody else. It is only for the fact that energy and consciousness has concentrated enough in space to give you a physical body that you exist.


As an example we present an image of Niagara Falls above. You are like that waterfall. Just as Niagara Falls looks the same day in day out water flows through it constantly. Likewise just the same way as you look more or less the same every day you are constantly changing, shedding body cells and have air, water, foods, and everything else flowing right through you. This is because your environment and everything around you is just as much a part of you as your head, fingerprint and hair. We are all connected and this is the case because everything in reality is interconnected and interdependent.

But it is in believing that they are disconnected and separate from everyone and everything else that people end up feeling alone and isolated against a powerful world, or they feel alien or foreign. Likewise this is where we get the differences between people not to mention the power struggles and the desire of some people to dominate over other people.

Other myths

We have presented here some of the most widespread and popular myths in the links on the right. These include two very widespread images of the universe which dominate our social thinking and other illusions such as money and time. It is important that we understand these myths, and that they are myths, to be able to understand reality better and be able to figure out what and how to change. These are, after all, myths which are only holding us back.