Revision of Project Zero


We've taken the decision to rebrand our Project Zero project, which is a Qultura Core project, into a more generic community activist project.

However unlike other Qultura projects Project Zero will be a community activist project which is based on stealth and anonymity. There will be no events organized publicly, no announcements made, and Project Zero multimedia such as videos will carry their own Project Zero logo.

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The West End goes south


The new Battersea Park Tube station will be in Zone 1

We have received reliable information that when the new Northern Line extension opens next year in 2020 there will be changes to the boundary between Zones 1 and 2. Kennington station on the Northern Line will be changed to a boundary station which will be both in Zone 1 and Zone 2. The new Northern Line extension which will run on to Nine Elms and Battersea Park will be in Zone 1.

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Staged reading of Cabbages


8-10pm, Wednesday 11th September, ROSE Community Club Rooms

This is a staged reading of a new Brexit version of Stella Baker's comedy play titled 'Cabbages'. We are inviting members of the local community in Battersea to come along to the staged reading of this parody and satire of Brexit and get involved in Qultura Fringe.

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Extraordinary Trustee Meeting


Wednesday 25th September 2019, 8pm-9.30pm, Large Hall at ROSE

This will be an extraordinary meeting of Qultura trustees which will be open to the public and take place in the large hall at the ROSE Community Club Rooms in Ascalon Street, Battersea. The main focus of the meeting will be on developing the Qultura community within the context of the new Brexit social and cultural landscape and this is an excellent opportunity for members of the local community in Battersea and Nine Elms to get to know Qultura and get involved in the Qultura community.

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