This is where you find all the news items from Qultura Core and also from members of the Qultura community who generate articles via our Community message Board. Please note that we never repost articles or news items here but generate 100% all our content from Qultura Core and community members.

Members of the Qultura community who wish to write news articles and items simply have to post their content to our Message Board - you can attach such things as images, photos, and multimedia to your post - and just make it clear that your post is intended for publication. You can suggest a section or leave it for us to figure it out.

A guide to using our message board

The message board isn't polished but is simple and straightforward once you get the hang of it. We chose Voy because it offers all the features of a message board, it's simple and doesn't use up too much data and we wanted a message board which would be accessible to people globally which they can use on any device. The downside of course is that if you're not tech savvy the process of getting involved in the message board as a user might seem counterintuitive. Below is a guide to the various aspects of our message board.

You need a username, email address and password. For a username you're restricted to letters, numbers and underscores. For some reason the system doesn't recognize capital letters, so you've got to figure out a username from small letters, numbers and underscores.

Your email address is self-explanatory, but for some reason they require a password which must include one symbol which isn't a letter or a number. Once you've registered the system will send you an email for confirmation. Check your email, click on the link, and you will be greeted with a screen requiring you to login.

This is a two step process. You first login as per the usual menu, and click to enter the system. You will then be required to select the message boards you want to access.

When you login for the first time you will see at the top of the box an option to auto login. Click to enable that.

Then to access the our Message board click on the link which is immediately above the first description. This should give you access to the message board.

The message board is threaded and appears to follow a similar posting structure to Reddit, The newest threads are at the top and the oldest threads at the bottom. Lower down the page is a form which you can use to post or reply to existing threads.

You can post in response to a thread or start a new thread. You can use HTML within the body of your post and link to hosted images, audio, or even embed a video from say Youtube or Vimeo within your post. You can preview your post as you go and edit your post afterwards.

However if you want to make a new post or reply to another thread you need to click on 'Go post a new public message'. Then because the webpage refreshes to just give you the posting box without making the threads visible, you click on Main Index in the top left hand menu to access the board and make the threads visible again

The message board is moderated both by Voy Forums and Qultura and the policies are similar, but we've adopted a variable moderation policy which is conditional on the content of your posts. It's generally light touch and we prefer it that way but it can get very heavy very fast if need be. Please be aware that we adopt a zero tolerance approach to racism, hate and bigotry and anyone making or posting such content gets a straightforward choice - either you lose the bigotry or hate or you lose your access to the community. It's promoting ideology which is a big no no on our message boards.

Our Community Message Board