The opportunity - your chance to connect, will you take it?

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It doesn't matter who you are, where you are, and what your circumstances in life are, your life is an opportunity and an experience which is defined by a finite amount of time and a finite amount of energy. When that time and energy runs out - and note that energy starts running out for you somewhere in the middle of your life (and not the end) - that's it, life is over and you die.

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Understand you have no control whatsoever over time. Time is the one thing in life you never get back. There's no way you can ever roll back the clock. But what you do have control over and can manage is your energy. But it's also true that your ability to manage your energy and become more 'energy efficient' can only be achieved through the development of consciousness, the creation of individual truth, and the elimination of environmental ignorance. How do you do this, and whether or not you do this, is entirely up to you. It is after all your life, your reality, your consciousness, your energy, and the memories you create which you're going to be looking back on in the end.

This is the opportunity we have created for you, irrespective of whoever you are, to make whatever changes you feel you need to make to change and enhance the quality and nature of your life experience. Through our community you have the opportunity to develop a Qultura method and work towards a certain kind of equilibrium in life where what you do matches up with what happens to you. But will you make use of this opportunity?

"Who is the real me?"

Let's start with the most widespread mystery and social taboo when it comes to human beings. Who are you? Who is the real you? What is the real point of your life? What are the things you need to know, and learn, and understand for you to achieve happiness and for you life to flow as smoothly as a tree growing out of the earth?

You do not know who you really are.

This is a statement of fact and is not intended to be a putdown. You started out in life as a newborn baby, a new, enlightened member of the human species, newly evolved, completely natural, and like a tree part of the mystical transaction between the organism and the environment.

But this was not how everyone else in your life saw you. You were a small baby, a child, who needed to be taught what to think, what to believe, how to behave, and also told who and what you should be in life. You were raised and taught to be a Somebody and to develop an Ego by everyone from your parents and teachers to the education system, the economic system, Government, media, broadcasters and advertisers.

Like a donkey chasing a carrot

Throughout your life you've been conditioned to be the donkey chasing the carrot and led to believe that there's some 'goodie' in life or some reward that you will get if you only achieve this, do that, buy this, aspire to that. Or you have the alternative version where you're told you're too this, or too that, you're not good enough, you don't make the grade, and you need to improve and work on yourself to achieve some arbitrary social standard or fit in with the crowd and once again you become a donkey chasing the elusive carrot.

We're here to point out the obvious - you are not a donkey and there is no carrot.

But even though you know you're not a donkey and are well aware there is no carrot, this still doesn't change the fact that your mind has been completely rewired by the social and mental conditioning you've been put through and you're enslaved to your Ego, your personality, your concept of self and your identity.

Understand that you've been conditioned to be reactive like a puppet on a string so that whenever someone out there uses culture to 'yank' your string, you react. You've been conditioned to believe that you have a purpose in life, a role, that you always need to be doing something, but all this serves to make you to be as mindlessly reactive as possible to external stimuli and distractions. For example:

  • You wake up in the morning and your bladder is full. REACTION! You've got to go to the bathroom.
  • You smell coffee. REACTION! You need a cup of coffee.
  • You see the clock or the time on your smartphone. "Oh my God! It's a quarter to eight!" REACTION!
  • You're 50 metres from the bus stop. A bus passes you. REACTION!
  • You're driving in traffic and someone cuts you off. REACTION!
  • A notification pops up on your smartphone screen with your name. REACTION!
  • You receive a brown envelop in the post. REACTION!

It's all reaction, reaction, reaction, reaction. You probably never get the time to take a step back and reflection because your whole day is spent being busy, stressed, bamboozled with information and being reactive all the time. Is it any wonder that you get home at the end of the day feeling tired, stressed, worn out and knackered?

Achieving a balanced perspective

This is all like Pavlov's dog. There's five traumatic mindsets - lust and greed, enmity, apathy, restlessness (anxiety) and sceptical doubt - and mainstream culture keeps pushing you back into them over and over again. Television, the media, politics, social media, advertising, it's hard to escape it.

There might come a time when you will feel the need for the consciousness and mental resources you need to change your level of consciousness and thinking so that instead of being reactive all the time and having other people control your mind and your thinking, you take back control of your own mind and become a lot more reflective and responsive.

Life becomes so much easier and a lot more peaceful and enjoyable when you've figured out your Principle and Process and you can figure out what's really important from what isn't.

Developing a Qultura method is a mind-changing process which can take a few hours, a few days or if you're taking your time a few weeks.

How do you really want to live? After all it's your life, your reality, your mind, your choice.

"Emptiness is a place you're in
With nothing to lose, but no more to win
The Sun ain't gonna shine anymore
The Moon ain't gonna rise in the sky
The tears are always clouding your eyes
When you're without love...."
--The Walker Brothers, "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore"

How everything fits together

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Qultura methodology

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