Our trustees

the Governing Body of Qultura


David Fisher

David Fisher is a founder member of Qultura, has worked in education, is a singer in a symphony choir and is passionate about all forms of cultural development.

Charmaine Bourton

Charmaine Bourton is a retired librarian, a professional actress and is passionate about drama, culture and social progress.

Joe Stuart

Joe Stuart has served in the military, works in education and is a long standing local community figure nearly 30 years experience. He also has experience of government at all levels and has served on several partliamentary committees.

About the trustees

Qultura trustees serve as the governing body and supervise all aspects of Qultura's operations and development working with our Primary Administrator Stella Baker. They also exercise fiscal control and make decisions on all aspects of resource management. However as Qultura doesn't manage any assets, borrow money or use credit there are also no issues of liability.


Qultura trustees meet quarterly in London - usually a Wednesday evening in January, April, July and October - to discuss issues and Qultura's operations and development. They are unpaid and do not receive expenses.

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