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Participation is how everybody starts out in the Qultura community. You sign up to our mailing list and join the Qultura community, then you sign up to the Community Message Board then you join a social media group or community.

Then, unless you disappear or vanish completely, which many people seem to do you can actually participate and start to do things in the Qultura community. Unless you're actually close in proximity to a local, developing Qultura community in your local community being a participant means nothing more than having an opportunnity to participate in the Qultura community.

You don't have to do anything as a participant. There's no obligation. We're not going to be emailing you or pestering you to get involved and participate in an event. We're not trying to sell you anything, convince you of anything. There's no "We need you to do this because.....". We crank out the opportunities, and either take the opportunities or you don't.

Consider the benefits of participation

There are numerous benefits to participation. Even though participants are not committed, do not develop projects, or do much more than populate them they provide a ready source of social interaction and empathy. They can turn a failing project or an event where nobody has turned up or too few people have showed into a success. They prevent volunteers and activists from scratching their heads and saying to themselves "Is it me? It is them? What am I doing wrong? Or is there nothing wrong?" Participants can provide feedback, which is almost as scarce in society as compassion and empathy.

Participation also helps volunteers learn about other projects, get inspiration from others or step out of themselves and see things from a different perspective. Yous ee if you get too involved as an activist or volunteer you can easily lose track of what it is you're trying to do. You can get distracted or sidetracked. You can get bogged down in details.

Another thing to bear in mind is, because developing perspective to develop empathy is often hard work and intensive, or can get frustrating,, you often need to step back from being an activist or volunteer to avoid being burnt out, jaded, dispirited, frustrated, cynical, or you end up in a rut, cling to your power, your Ego kicks in and you become boring and turn people away because you've got so focussed on what you are doing, so boring, so much into detail, that you cease to be relevant or interesting.

Take a step back. Take a break. Culture will still be declining. Society will still be collapsing. The circuses will still be in town, the clowns still performing, the idiots still preaching, the opportunities still existing. No need to fight or engage with anyone because all these things, all the stupidity that's out there, the idiocy, the confusion, it's all opportunity at the end of the day.

Likewise participation is designed also to provide those experiencing trauma and recovering from traumatic experiences with an immediate sense of inclusion. There's nothing wrong with giving up your role as a participant to become a reverse participant, because you can also take it back at any time or even assume it to participate in another project. You are not stigmatized. There is never any division between you and any part of Qultura. Having trauma and traumatic experiences in your life doesn't make you lesser in terms of any status. If anything it adds to your value, instead of negating it.

Please bear in mind nothing teaches you just how much the unwritten social contract is a lie and how individualism is pure bullshit than to be forced through a traumatic experience by the system, a government department, other people - your biggest issue in life - or through unfortunate circumstances.

You can be a participant as well as a reverse participant just as you can be a volunteer and a participant, just as you can be an activist and a reverse participant. As long as you don't put yourself into a conflict of interest and get all capitalist about this in our community, you can be who you want to be, mix and match your roles and be a powerful creative force in your own life and your own community.