Personal enlightenment

We want you to walk your own path in life

A fundamental part of Qultura's mission is to provide people - anyone in society - with an organization system and platform for personal enlightenment. This involves developing a better sense of Selfhood and acquiring and gathering personal experience through community interaction, connecting to others, the sharing of ideas, experiences, opportunities for the benefit of both yourself and others.

The importance of being yourself

Being yourself is important because it promotes personal authenticity and inspires confidence in others and develops trust between yourself and others in a way which is real and genuine. Qultura offers you the opportunity to explore, experiment and discover aspects about you and your Selfhood without imposing any ideology or belief systems on you. We simply share our theories and point out the underlying causes of social issues.

The importance of staying connected

Qultura makes a big distinction between individuality and individualism. We promote human individuality, which has nothing to do with the political belief in individualism and the illusion of separateness of Self from everything else. If you become too focussed on yourself you can lose your perception of reality and end up becoming shallow and mindless.Having a mind means being aware of everything around you and other people. Life is a fractal, the more you learn about others and teh world around you, remaining grounded in reality, the more you get to know yourself, the deeper you become, and the more interesting and complex you become as a person.

What we mean by personal enlightenment

By personal enlightenment we are referring to completing the cycle at source, which means either a source of inspiration which comes from energy and consciousness in the universe or the exact same source deep within you which is based on your personal perception of consciousness. You are a reflection of the universe but as an individual based on your perception and perspective of life and existence. Your perception of consciousness is a mirror image of the consciousness which exists in the universe.

Everything you need for your own personal enlightenment lies deep within you. The Life Path you developed in childhood is about how you function and the ways you need to connect to others and the experiences you need to go through in life to achieve enlightenment. While a blief system such as religion can be useful to helping you along the path of your enlightenment it is not necessary to have such a belief to achieve enlightenment nor will it, in itself, deliver any sort of enlightenment to you. You have to go through the experiences and make the connections yourself.

Our role in your journey

We are not you. We do not share your reality. We have not lived through your experiences. We do not walk your path in life. Therefore we do not tell you what to think, or what to believe, or seek to impose any conditions or rules on you. We are here simply to provide the support and opportuntiies which you will need to make your journey and go through whatever experiences you seek or consider beneficial to you. What we do is to do whatever we can to empower you so that you can make the connections and go through the experiences so you can determined what is right for you.

Empowerment of the individual

Human individuality is the bedrock of human evolution which underlines the significance of the natural process between birth and the development of the Life Path. This is a natural process but the Life Path is also affected by social conditioning and whatever social experiences you went through early in childhood. By Selfhood we are referring to the concept of Self you had at birth or before you were born which is something you arrive at through connecting to others and going through experiences and the perception of consciousness you gain as a result of your interaction and experience is part of your personal evolution. This in turn, because you interact with others and also with your environment is also part of human evolution.

This is part of the process of human evolution which starts with individual human creativity which develops culture through local community interaction. This in turn promotes social progress, which is what motivates human evolution.

Qultura is about you, the individual

Qultura is about the individual, which takes precedence over the organization as a whole. This is about your journey and purpose in life, what experiences you go through, what connections you make to other people, and what you do to develop a legacy by which others will remember you after you die. Likewise Qultura is also about you fulfilling your creative potential, participating in the community and contributing things of value to others and society as a whole. We just facilitate and work to provide you with the opportunities and support which can help you realize your potential.

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