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the best possible answers always lie within individual

The individual human desire for increased consciousness through connection to others and the acquisition of individual (personal) experience is what motivates human evolution and is, in itself, a reflection of it. This is the entire nature of the relationship between you, the rest of the human race and the universe - each is a reflection of the other. The common objective is the development of consciousness.

There's nobody better at being you than you

There's never been anyone else like you ever before in the entire history of Mankind. There will never be anyone else like you ever again at any point in the future. Nobody else has lived life the way you have, gone through the experiences you have gone through, had to face the choices you have had to face in life.

It's important not to be taken in by all the labels others have used to define you or the labels you have adopted to define yourself. People judge themselves and others in purely physical terms - based on their physical appearance, sex, gender, skin colour, hair colour, body size, body shape, status in life, how much money they have, where they get their money from, the size of their house, what possessions they have, and so on. None of these labels are really that important.

You are far more than just the labels. It's everything together - the experiences you have gone through, the choices you have made, the thoughts you have had, the dieas you have had, the feelings you have enjoyed and shared, the personal successes, failures, misunderstandings and mistakes which all go together to give you a perspective on life which is truly unique and highly individual. Nobody else can have this perspective - only you. There's nobody better at being you than you.


You are a fractal

Your life is here and now. Today. Life is all about the journey, the path you walk through life. This is your path. This is your opportunity to make the connections to other people, go through the experiences, realize your creative potential, and create a legacy from a life which is meaningful and fulfilling so that other people will remember you when you die. This is because often when we lose someone it is their perspective and what they shared which we hold onto and which brings us comfort. Life is also very much about the connections.

But you can never ever completely know yourself. Perfection and absolute states do not exist in reality. You are a reflection of the entire human race and the universe. Getting to know yourself requires connecting to other people and going through the experiences. The more you find out about who you are and get to know yourself, the more you realize that you have to discover. But this is the whole point, because it's all about developing consciousness, right?

It's important to pay attention to what is going on around you. just as there are others who will try to define you through labels, there are others who will try to disempower you and deprive you of opportunities to acquire personal experience through seeking to impose their belief systems and ideology on you. They will claim to have the solution or be able to enlighten you. The simple truth is that nobody has any solutions, nobody knows what is going on. This is why the world is like it is today. As for your personal enlightenment...

Your personal path of enlightenment

Everything you need for your personal path of enlightenment lies deep within you. You first created it in childhood when you created your Life Path. This is part of your karma and journey through life. Personal enlightenment is a process of unlearning, not learning. It is a process of seeking truth, becoming grounded in reality, and you can only achieve this by exmaining personal beliefs against your personal experience and discarding those beliefs which have no relevance or relationship to either truth or reality. Only you can go through this process. Nobody else can do it for you. You have to figure it out for yourself.

Our role in the relationship

Qultura's mission is to promote human creativity and individuality. We work to empower the individual and work to provide support, opportunities and build a community of people working towards common objectives but each in their own, unique, highly individual way. We do not promote anys pecific ideology, be it religious or political and try to keep all belief systems out of the relationship. It's enough just to share individual perspectives.

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