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Physicality and form is based on energy and unlike consciousness and space energy is finite, constant, cannot be created or destroyed, and it simply changes in relationship to both consciousness and energy.

Change is the only constant in existence

It's important to understand that all physical existence - irrespective of whether it is concrete or abstract or however which way you choose to define it - is impermanent in nature and is based on vibrations, resonances, and resistances which come out of energy cycles and wavelengths. In the second component of Qultura methodology, universal principles, you can become more familiar with the universal principles of energy in relationship to consciousness and space through Creative Law.

What is however important to remember is that you cannot have form without dimension, background without foreground, shape without content, just as you don't find animals with no heads, humans without bodies, or trees and plants without roots. Even though such things as form and dimension, and shape and form are different they are all one and the same thing.

This also means that existence always comes with non-existence so that light always comes with darkness, sound and noise always comes with silence, and life always comes with death.

The fractal nature of physical existence and reality

What is really important to keep in mind and understand is that physical existence is fractal both on a macro level and a micro level. If you try to understand everything by trying to understand the totality you will get sucked into a rabbit hole just as easily as if you get into minute details and try to figure out what is individual. If you go in either direction you will reach a point where both existence and reality will extend far beyond what you are capable of perceiving.

This means that what is individual and what is environment is quite arbitrary and - outside commonly understood cultural and social definitions - a matter of individual perception and perspective.

What you do however need to keep in mind is that there are four illusions or false beliefs which arise out of social conditioning which can easily distort your perception of reality and existence. What you need to do is to liberate yourself from all four of these illusions in order to genuinely find yourself in a state of mindfulness.

Separateness here means separateness between self and environment and also separateness between self and other. Separateness is what gives rise to the illusion of free will and the freedom of choice. Both separateness and free will is a denial of dependent arising and the interdependence and interconnectedness of existence and Natural Law.

It's important to understand that you are always part of a mystical transaction between you and your environment. This applies just as much socially as it does naturally. How long can you live without breathing air or drinking water? How can you exist without being human, connected to a natural habitat, this planet or the universe? How can you be who you are if other people aren't who they are?

It's important to understand that physicality is based on energy and both physicality and energy is always relative to consciousness and space. Therefore all physicality and energy whether concrete or abstract is impermanent in nature and in a constant state of change. Change is the only constant in the universe.

Seeking permanence in a physically impermanent environment creates unnecessary emotional and psychological attachments to non-existence through fear and desire and results in suffering through attachment to either the past or the future and conceptual reality.

Any belief in cause and effect is based on a belief in the false illusion of continuity, and a belief in continuity is a denial of dependent arising and the interdependent chain of mutual origin.

Here it's important to understand that all energy arises out of consciousness and the universe is coming at you constantly in a vast multidimensional continuum of sensation and experience. This means that everything is happening everywhere all the time.

By contrast your focus of consciousness attention is extremely narrow and linear in nature and you can only consciousness focus on one or two variables at any given moment.

For this reason neither existence nor reality can ever be fully understood, known, explained or defined by you or anyone else. Instead of assuming that you understand either existence or reality objectively when you don't it is a lot better to focus on connecting to your natural and social environment and developing your conscious awareness and appreciation of what's going on around you.

Morality and moral reasoning is based on a denial of dependent arising and a failure to accept or perceive the connection between two seemingly mutually acceptable opposites, such as good and bad, good and evil, weak and strong, success and failure, and so on and so forth.

The problem here becomes quite clear if you are asked to define good, define evil, and then explain why your definition of good and evil is bettere than someone else's definition. Morality is what all the constant fighting and conflicts between human beings is all about and because morality is so widespread and so fundamental to many people's worldview and opinion on the difference between right and wrong, social and cultural thinking is full of many different illusions and beliefs which are based on moral reasoning. Such examples include self-improvement, positive thinking, self-love, and so on.

You don't need a moral compass or moral reasoning

You are born naturally with humanity, empathy and the ability to connect to your environment and others. You do not need moral reasoning in your life if you are fully conscious of your humanity and the fundamental importance of empathy. Morality is only important for those who are in denial of their humanity and ability to connect to others through empathy.