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How to make a pledge

Simply fill out the details including a contact number if you wish (you don't have to). Please note that all pledges are kept in a secure database and your personal contact details are not shared with anyone else.

Pledge type

You can specify the type of support you wish to give in the pledge type and give additional information in the box provided.

ID and objective of specific appeal

When we support people we authorize some of them to create their own appeals to gather resources. Each Qultura appeal has a unique ID and specific objective which is conditional on whoever needs the support achieving an objective. When someone writes an appeal they can promote their appeal however which way they wish as long as they make their unique ID and specific objective known to potential supporters. Once the objective of an appeal is reached the appeal is cancelled. If the person who created the appeal still needs support they have to apply to create a new appeal.

This is a security measure to prevent fraud and our system being used by scammers and people seeking to profit from others. If you are pledging support for a specific appeal you need to give the unique ID and specific objective when pledging support and also when sharing resources (such as making a donation). In this way we act as a go between between those who need support and those who give support so nobody gets ripped off or cheated.

Additional information

This is where you can provide additional information about the support you want to give and create your own conditions. If you are offering goods, services, or used items, for example, do you expect collection or will you deliver or use the post? If providing access to space, what space is available? When? Where is the space located? You can also specify how you want to be contacted, who to contact, and other such details.

Pledge your support and help to make things brighter

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