Political enlightenment

dealing with authority structures

the abolition of slavery was a good thing. Giving women the right to vote was another good thing, as was the abolition of corporal punishment and where it has happened, the abolition of capital punishment. Removing the distinction of heterosexuality of marriage is another good thing, as is equal rights. Qulturan supports political enlightenment.

However as an organization Qultura does not support or promote any authority based ideology or belief system whether it be political or religious because this is counterproductive to our mission and objectives.

Nor do we oppose any specific religion or ideology because to be in opposition to a religion or political ideology requires having an ideology and participating in the game. We just don't have the resources or energy to get involved in political conflicts and it also distracts us away from our mission and objectives which is the empowerment of individual people.

We have no issues with speaking truth to authority and pointing out the harm that belief in idoelogy causes to the lives of individual people and the upholding of a system which generally works against the best interests, wellbeing and general welfare of individual people and abuses their human rights.

But our primary concern is working to improve the lives of individual people in ways which are meaningful and significant and empowering them through opportunities to recover their indidividual (personal) experience.

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