tree fog

Primary social interaction is the fourth of the four universal principles of Qultura methodology. This is the universal principle of relationship of environment from an individual human perspective.

The central human reference point for existence and life is through language and cultural awareness. You are always relative to an environment and environment here means both a natural environment and a social environment.

You are always subject to the mystical transaction between you and your environment. You are just as relative to this planet and the universe as you are to other human beings, Nature, and the entire human species.

You are only as consciously aware in the present moment as you are able to express through language and individual truth. Truth is always individual and is relative to both individual perception and individual perspective (your Principle or Core Being). You cannot be any more enlightened, mindful or consciously aware than your individual truth or Principle.

In order to become more consciously aware or to evolve through primary social interaction you need to be mindful and connected to both your natural and social environment. Please understand that the four qualities of primary social interaction apply to the relationship and nature of the social interaction.