Primary social interaction - connecting to others through real language.

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Primary social interaction is connected to the other three universal principles - Creative Law, the Triangular Relationship and the Principle and the Process. If the universe is consciousness, energy and space, then how do we communicate? We can only communicate using words, and language, which leads to beliefs, ideas, culture and opinions, simply because we have no other way of communicating with each other.

Language, based on words, is central to the human experience of life. Humans have extremely powerful psychological processes. Both memory and imagination are very, very powerful. This alone makes language a very powerful four. Someone can make themselves suffer over something that was said to them 30 years ago. Words form the basis of suicide ideation. Nothing divides people ever like words. Think of the power which lies behind even simple words like God, love, fuck, gay, rape, okay, and peace. Looking into the future nothing arouses fear or anxiety quite like words. But we assume you already know this.

So how do you figure out whether the language you're using,or is being used with regard to you, is okay or not? How can you figure out whether words are misleading, toxic or even venomous if all you have to go on is your individual cultural perspective and that of other people? The only way of doing this is by going on the basis of feel, feeling for consciousness, empathy, connection and so on. This brings us to the four cornerstone words of primary social interaction, which are:

How conscious are the words being used? You cannot use words without consciousness because if you were unconscious you would be out cold on the deck, or worse, in hospital on a life support machine. How important is communication to you? Is your communication and that you accept no more than a semi-conscious unfiltered stream of words and content no more considered and measured than the unfiltered stream of steaming pee you let out in the direction of white vitreous enamel? Or are you more conscious of the levels of consciousness behind words? Read books? Listen intently? Do you ever pick through words and let them wash over you to get the consciousness?

Closely connected to consciousness is pleasantness and how pleasing are words. Pleasure is a sensation you experience when you sense energy frequencies falling through consciousness. This doesn't necessarily mean that other people have to please you - in fact it doesn't really mean that at all. Even unvarnished 'truth' can give you a pleasant sensation if you have the right attitude to language (hint, when it comes to you personally, your individual conscious perspective trumps all other opinions about you, provided you're in touch with your environment and reality). So pleasant is the second quality of primary social interaction.

Then we have the overall effect of language on you, and the overall effect of your language on others. This is nowhere near any kind of exact science. Your mind, through which all words must pass, is like a floating balloon in the air. Sometimes it's floaty. Sometimes it gets knocked about a bit. Dealing with other people is usually challenging. Then you have moods, emotions, feelings, memories, sounds, misunderstandings, things you mishear and misread. Words you don't use right or which other people don't use right. The new ways of using words which we all try out. The weather. The Government. Public transport. So many different things factor into all this. Or if you prefer, culture and the environment. Words also change with the season. Consider that 'ice' is a lot more positive in the summer than it is in the winter.

Then we have the overall influence of language and how it influences and enhances your life. You cannot have creativity without interaction, just as you cannot have interaction without creativity. It's probably best to think of a game of Snakes and Ladders here. Is the way you use language and that of other people moving you forward in life and placing you at the bottom of a few ladders along the way? Or are you being pushed back and end up dealing with the snakes? I assume you get what I'm writing about here.