The Principle and the Process - who you really are.

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The Principle and the Process is a new way of looking at yourself, your life and other people which is based on consciousness and reality, as opposed to the outdated 19th century way which is based on the Ego centred concept of Self, which is based on self-image, societal position and self-esteem - which you might have or not. For some of you this might be a completely new perspective on things.

It's based on two concepts, the Principle and the Process, which are in actual reality one and the same, the Process, the reality of your life experience and who you really are.

The Principle

This is based on your individual perspective and perception of who you are (and who anyone else is) based on your current state of consciousness only in the present moment (or any given moment), and is based on these four things:

  • focus of conscious attention
  • individual conscious perspective
  • level of conscious awareness
  • the subconscious

The Process

This is the continuous process of creativity and interaction (in conscious terms, but is also your psycho-physical reality, which is made up of all of the following:

  • the mind
  • the brain
  • senses
  • a physical body

The difference between the Principle and the Process

It's important to understand that it's everything which makes up the Process which goes together to make up the Principle - who you really are at any given moment in time, such as now, the present moment in time. But then you also have to bear in mind that everything you've experienced, everything you've ever felt, sensed, thought, seen, heard, touched, and so on, and also everything you've ever said, done, thought, and so on, is all recorded through memory into your subconscious. Right from the moment when you were conceived.

But this is just one life. What about all the other lives you could have lived prior to the life you are living now? What about your whole existence? Your evolution?

It's all there recorded into your subconscious through memory. Only you can't get at it because your focus of conscious attention is so narrow, and your individual conscious perspective is limited. It's only your conscious awareness which indicates what might be possible, and so it's your conscious awareness is what defines your imagination more than anything else.

Even all these three things together cannot possibly make up anything more than a tiny fraction of your subconscious, even if you only take into consideration the life you are living now.

What this means

Fundamentally this means two things.

The first thing this means is that only you can know who you really are. It's only you who have lived your life. It's only you who has had the same conscious perspective throughout, right from your birth to who you are now. Only you can define who you really are through figuring out your truth, your story and your life history. If there's such a thing as enlightenment then it can only come from somewhere that's deep inside you. It cannot come from anywhere else outside you, nor can it come from someone else who isn't you. They're not you. They're not the one who's living your life. They're not the one who has to deal with your reality.

You are.

But this also leads to the second thing. If you can only find enlightenment by trying to get at as much of your subconscious as is humanly possible, but knowing that you cannot get all of it, then the only possible way for you to find out more about you is to find out as much as you can about your environment and other people.

This means that you need to seek the truth, be real, and connect as much as possible to other people in order to learn and discover your truth.

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