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The Principle and the Process is the third universal principle of Qultura methodology and is considered the foundation out of all the four universal principles. This is simply because you cannot perceive either existence or life from anything other than the perspective of an individual human being.

This is the 'yogic' universal principle because it is based on yoga and the Vedic texts of Hinduism. Unlike the Ego, which is a conceptual perspective of Self which is based on a belief in the false illusion of separateness between Self and environment and Self and other, the Principle and the Process is based on the exact same principles as Natural Law.

The only thing which defines you as a human being is your physical form which can be defined as Process. Consider that what is individual and what is environment is completely arbitrary and cannot be clearly defined. If you consider that 'environment' is different things together in relationship then it becomes apparent that:

  • your mind is an environment for your memory, your sensory nervous system, the Felt Sense of Immediate Experience, your perception of your environment, your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings, and so on.
  • your body is an environment for your body cells, organs, blood, skin, hair, bones and so on.
  • your senses together are an environment through which you create the sensations coming from your perception and conception, not just primary senses of touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste but other senses such as pain, hunger, discomfort, and extrasensory perception.

There are three aspects to the Principle and the Process.

Your principle is the sum total of consciousness across all different planes and levels in the present moment in time This includes:

  • your focus of conscious attention
  • your conscious awareness
  • your subconscious

Your Principle is who you really are in the present moment and it has no physical form. Therefore your Principle is not subject to time nor is it subject to physical death. Your Principle is also known as Core Being in terms of Unmind.

You create and express your individual truth out of your Principle.

Your Process is everything about you which has physical form, which includes:

  • your physical body
  • your sensory nervous system
  • your brain and memory
  • your Ego and conceptual perception of self and other
  • your thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs, etc

Your Process is based on your physicality and energy. It is impermanent, in a state of constant change, and is subject to physical death and reincarnation.

Your mind is the space or environment in which you exist. Mind is your connection to environment and exists all around you. Everything that you can perceive and become aware of is coming at you through mind, and everything that you can conceive and put into language is also expressed through mind. Mind is therefore the environment for your existence and being.