Process guide

A reference guide on how to do anything in the Qultura community

Joining the community
The Qultura Core network

Click 'Join' in the top right hand menu. Submit your name and email address and click 'join'.

The Community Message Board

Click on Community Message Board on the menu. This takes you to the Community Message Board. Click 'register', create a user name and choose a password. Then click register.

Joining a Qultura group on MeWe
Creating a MeWe profile

All you need to create a MeWe profile is an email address or phone number and a password, depending on whether you want to use MeWe on a computer or smartphone. MeWe works just as well on either.

Joining a Qultura group

Once you have a MeWe profile simply click on either link in the footer of any Qultura webpage. If you click on any link in the footer of this website without having a MeWe profile, you will be asked to create one.

Joining the Project Zero support community

The Project Zero support community on MeWe is by invitation only. Once you have signed up to Project Zero with a name, Community Message Board username and email address you will be invited to join the Project Zero community on MeWe.

Joining our Whatsapp group
Message us

Message us with your name and smartphone number to be added to the Qultura Core Whatsapp group. Originally there was to be two Whatsapp groups - the Qultura community for everyone in the UK and the Qultura Core community originally intended for members of the community of Battersea and Nine Elms. But this has become a community for anyone who is proactively involved in the development of the Qultura community and is currently London wide.

Therefore the Whatsapp group is designed for anyone who is proactively involved in developing a Qultura community project and who has taken on a Qultura community role. It's designed to be a useful tool for communication, making arrangements, discussing the development of Qultura community projects, and developing strategies for project development, Qultura activism, and supporting each other.

Participating in the Community Message Board

Having registered on the Community Message Boards you're welcome to participate in any online discussions on the boards provided you make yourself fully aware of the Posting Guidelines before you do so. The Community Message Boards are the central meeting point online for everyone in the Qultura community and where everything good starts out and begins to happen.

Getting involved in developing the Qultura community

You can get involved in developing the Qultura community either by finding out what's happening on the Community Message Boards or by joining the Qultura Core Whatsapp community and asking there. In either of these places you will find either details of what's being developed and who and what is needed or you will find members of the Qultura community who will be able to give you more information of what they are doing with regard to developing community projects and will be able to tell you who and what they are looking for to help develop the community project they're involved in.

Alternatively if you are looking to develop a community project yourself you can start by creating a thread on the Community Message Board and seeing if there's any interest or by asking other people on the Whatsapp community if they're interested in your idea. However we strongly prefer if you're thinking about creating a new community project is to head for the Community Message Board and start a thread there.

Creating or changing a community role
Creating or changing a volunteering or activist role

You can create or change a volunteering or activist role simply by heading to the Creating a new role or project webpage and filling out the appropriate form. Simply fill out the details, tell us what project you're going to be involved with and what your role is going to be in developing that project. Please note that if you're creating a new community project you need to also fill out a form about your new community project and get everyone else who's agreed to be involved to create their roles in the project using the same forms.

Reversing your participation

If you feel you need additional community support to get you past trauma in your life or a traumatic life experience, or you need support because your stuck in life or facing numerous barriers, you can elect to reverse your participation to become a recognized reverse participant and to be able to create and generate appeals. Likewise you simply head for the same Creating a new role or project webpage and complete the form for reversing your participation. Recognition generally takes a couple of weeks unless you're in desperate circumstances in which case recognition is immediate.



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