The process of individuation

The development of empathy is fundamental to human evolution. But to be capable of developing empathy you need to be a real human being and actually living your truth.

It's a scientific fact that human beings have the most evolved neurological system of any species in the animal kingdom. Our powers of memory and imagination lie way beyond that of any other species. But it's also true that we have a psychological process - based around a conscious perspective but also taking in our minds, emotions and cultural awareness. Whatever your psychological process it takes place on the basis of a certain amount of information that you have gathered from your environment. The nature of the information you have from your environment determines the nature and quality of your thinking, your emotions, your beliefs and your perspective and attitude to life.

Your psychological drama is your individual psychological drama

Your psychological drama has got nothing to do with the actual reality in which you live. You can walk down a busy street in a city centre or the centre of London and you can walk past a hundred different people, and apart from a few exceptions the vast majority will be living in their own individual interpretation of reality and entirely consumed by their psychological drama.

How many times during the day do you switch from the psychological process of thinking to the other more important psychological process of perception? How many times do you look at the sky? The shape and size of the clouds? The position of the sun in the sky? How many times do you watch a squirrel foraging for food in the grass? There may be one or two people who pay attention to these things, but the vast majority of people will not spend at time during their day on perception.

Your psychological drama, the thinking, thoughts, emotions, beliefs is just a small part of what your brain and your mind is capable of, but it has become magnified to the point where you might be among the many people who believe that it is your reality. Possibly like most people you identify solely with your psychological drama. You do not identify with the universe or with your natural environment. You don't see the connection between your environment and what is going on in your body and how they are connected. You only identify with your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, the role you play in life, your social role, your persona and the image you wish to present to other people. But your beliefs are just concepts, your social role and image is just a persona, something you create out of your imagination. It's got nothing to do with who you really are and it's got very little to do with your direct experience of living existence.

Empathy and culture is central to the human experience of life

The two opening statements on this webpage are not unrelated but are in fact deeply connected. Human beings have a vastly complex neurological system which is unrivalled anywhere in the animal kingdom. When it comes to using your mind, developing your conscious perspective, using memory, and developing your imagination, you have a potential for experiencing life and achieving happiness which for many people lies undiscovered and of which they remain unaware of. As a species we are equipped for diversity, for creativity, and for empathy, and this is evidenced by the fact that we live in large numbers not just in our families, but also in communities and in vast, complex societies.

However you're not taught or made aware of the fact that you have such a powerful neurological system. You're educated to fit in with and serve an artificial economic system. Education is a system of teaching you about everything which isn't about you. The system of marks, grades, test results and exam results teaches you that you only have value when you're doing better than everyone else, and beyond this you're conditioned to conform, follow rules, accept and submit to external authority and to fit in with the system. At no point are you taught discipline of faculty, or how to use your powerful capabilities of memory and imagination. This is something that you have to figure out for yourself.

This is a bit like you being handed a brand new advanced, state of the art 5G smartphone but only being told that you can use it to make phone calls and send texts. We would assume that you would at least read the instruction manual and experiment and play around with it a bit, or you would try to at least find out if someone else has also been given the same model of smartphone. But most people don't bother to do this, and so as life changes and they get older life becomes more difficult simply because they haven't gone through the process of individuation to figure out how their minds actually works, what their psychological process is actually all about and how this all relates to their direct experience of life.

The process of individuation is vitally important in life

If you had reached adulthood unable to use your hands or your legs properly you would be classed as having a disability and be considered to have special needs. But what if you reach adulthood and you are unable to properly control your mind, emotions, memory and imagination? Yet out there in society there are many people, some in their 40's, 50's and even older who are unable to use their mind or control their emotions. This is where the process of individuation becomes vitally important in life, because it is where you learn to take control of your mind, your emotions and your psychological process. The only person who needs to be in control of your mind and your conscious perspective is you and not anyone else.

The process of individuation, something which you are required to do as a basic matter of biology and for the purposes of evolution, requires both you having control of your mind and your psychological processes, and it also requires the development of empathy and going through direct life experiences together with other people. Your life involves other people, which makes the development of empathy vitally important. While your biggest issues in life will all come from other people, it's also true that it's other people and how you relate to them is what determines the nature and quality of your life.

In order to develop empathy you have to be real

There's only one way of developing empathy and that is when you are totally committed to being real - you commit to talking your talk, walking your walk, and living your truth. This means that what you think matches what you believe, what you believe matches what you say, and what you say matches what you do. If you're going to live as a human being then surely you need to commit to being a fully fledged human being who is out to experience everything that life has to offer.

This is what being part of the Qultura community is really all about. It's about you going through the process of individuation, it's about the exploration, the experimentation, the learning, the people you meet, it's about being part of a community, about getting out there and doing things in your community, connecting with people around you, trying different things out to see what works and what doesn't, it's about finding out about things which give you pleasure, the things you do which give other people pleasure, and developing the empathy, the connections and the community where you can be you and live the kind of life you really want to live.


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