Project Zero


Project Zero is set up specifically to support claimants of Universal Credit who are struggling in the Universal Credit "system".

The central premise of Project Zero

Poverty makes your life not only harder, but more expensive and stressful. Furthermore unemployment and poverty is a political and economic failure, not a personal failure.

The problem is that Universal Credit is not a social security system, but a corporate organization masquerading as a social security system. People are unable to work for a diverse range of reasons - unable to find work, unable to find suitable work, sickness, disability, but it's also true that people are badly educated and haven't been given the opportunity to develop disciplines so aren't that employable to begin with. Such people would benefit from social security but for social security to be beneficial there has to be three things:

  • mutual trust between claimant and government
  • a sense of community
  • mutual support and social opportunities for claimants

Universal Credit has none of these things. Social security isn't a child's game of snap. If you don't know what you are doing things can get incredibly resource hungry incredibly fast, you can wreck lives and leave people to die. This is where we have the issue, When it comes to social security our politicians don't have a clue. None of them. Universal Credit will never properly work because those who designed it didn't know the first thing about poverty and they didn't care.

Project Zero is set up to 'shadow' Universal Credit

Project Zero is designed to allow Universal Credit claimants to develop and build their own support community and network within the Qultura community while helping to develop the Qultura community. Where the DWP, Job Centre and Universal Credit get involved is that in our community you can create your own volunteering and activist roles and have such roles count officially as part of your jobsearch requirements and your Claimant Commitment. Qultura and the Job Centre don't officially work together because our missions are incompatible as are our different "strategies" for helping people find work.

Unlike the DWP we don't want you to do the stupid and irresponsible thing of leaping into the first bullshit Mickey Mouse corporate minimum wage type job or placing your income at risk by getting involved in dodgy zero hours contracts. Qultura is all about individuation and developing disciplines - not trying to find a 'job' but instead getting paid for doing the things you really enjoy doing, and which other people really appreciate you doing for them. We are more about trying to get you out of the system and off Universal Credit and into your niche.

Creating The Plan

The Government makes the assumption that, if you are unable to support yourself financially through work then you are either lazy, or stupid, or similar. This is ignorance. The plain truth is that they don't understand why people are dependent on benefits, not that it matters. We have a much simpler explanation as to why people claim benefits. Shit happens. But you have a Claimant Commitment and you need a counterbalance to keep it in check - the Plan.

The Plan is all about getting paid for doing stuff you enjoy doing, working towards your niche, figuring out side hustles, and turning your jobseeking and jobsearches into something meaningful and enjoyable. If you have health issues you work through those issues, The idea is to always have The Plan when you deal with the Universal Credit system so they can't treat you like a doormat and walk all over you.

Further information

If you need more information please feel free to message us and ask.

Get involved

Getting involved requires the following stepa:

It's necessary for you to be part of the wider Qultura community before you get involved in case you need community support further down the line. Many Universal Credit support groups tend to be isolated groups of people interested in Universal Credit but being part of Project Zero requires you to be part of the wider Qultura community. This is in case you need community support. You might also think about getting a MeWe social media account if you don't already have one. You will find out why shortly.

In the interests section please write about your actual interests and what you really enjoy doing. Please don't write about your Claimant Commitment. Leave that to your work coach and the Universal Credit system. If you have health issues, mental health issues or a disability check the reverse participation box even if you're not part of the LCW groups or have been declared fit for work. If you're serving a benefit sanction you also need to check the reverse participation box. Finally you check which of the final two options you are interested in, activism or volunteering, or both.

What you need to do is to add your participation in the Qultura community (not Project Zero) to your Claimant Commitment either with your work coach or via your journal. You can tell them that you can now develop your own volunteering roles in the Qultura community as part of your jobseeking requirements.

You will then receive an email with a link inviting you to join the Project Zero community support group on MeWe, an alternative social media platform to Facebook. At no point does Qultura share information with the DWP and Job Centre. We know that Facebook does so we've decided to use MeWe instead. This is to safeguard your benefits and also your work coach. Note that Project Zero is subversive. You need a positive, supportive relationship with your work coach. If you haven't got such a relationship please consider changing your work coach to one who is more supportive.

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