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    14 is a book about the 14 most important numbers in mysticism, from 0 to 13.

    Each number is presented in its relationship to both the Tarot and astrology, and peppered with classic song quotes to make it even easier to understand, this 65 page e-book should give anyone a solid understanding of numerology.

    This book corresponds to Combined Numerology, the third component of Qultura methodology.
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    About Qultura

    Qultura is a developing mystical community resource which is both an alternative dream weaving community and a Human Library project. Centred in Nine Elms, London we offer free access to Qultura methodology, the Qultura community and regularly scheduled Human Library events. Through what we do we offer opportunities to develop consciousness, mindfulness and community to anyone interested in exploring and developing ways of living alternative to modern mainstream social and cultural values.