14 is a book about the 14 most important numbers in mysticism, from 0 to 13.

Each number is presented in its relationship to both the Tarot and astrology, and peppered with classic song quotes to make it even easier to understand, this 65 page e-book should give anyone a solid understanding of numerology.

This book corresponds to Combined Numerology, the third component of Qultura methodology.
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About Qultura

Qultura is a developing alternative dreamweaving community centred in Nine Elms, London, so 'Qultura' may refer to the Qultura community itself, Qultura methodology or Qultura Core, the core of the the community. Our community is freely accessible to all interested, completely free of charge to participate in and make use of, and welcomes everyone to our meetings, workshops and on our Community Message Board.