The Invisible Prison


This book is all about authority, trust, beliefs and belief systems, and examines whether there is any security or benefits in believing in external authority figures and following an ideology or belief system. Or are we merely sentencing ourselves to lifelong sentences in invisible prisons?

This book is intended to make clear the very real differences between truth and illusion and also truth and authority, and goes into detail as to why many of the things we understand to be real and based on the truth actually aren't based on truth at all. This includes such illusions as continuity, permanence, cause and effect and self-improvement.

If you are serving time in an invisible prison, and you're seeking to escape being in such a prison, then surely the first step is to actually understand that you are serving time in an invisible prison.

As belief in external authority is a fundamental part of development of an Ego and self-image, some people might find it beneficial to read this book together with another book, 'The Tears of a Clown', which is more focussed on self-image and Ego.

This book is intended to give anyone a clear insight into what liberation and freedom really means. It's also intended to serve as a guide for anyone seeking to change their state of consciousness and navigate their way back to a natural state of mindfulness.

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