The Omega Principle


The Omega Principle is the principle of complexity and the escalation of the energy vibration. This is a book written on the basis of 84, which is a very significant magical number which affects our lives.

What does the Age of Aquarius mean to you?

The Age of Aquarius refers to an Omega Point in existence. Let me take you through a bit of astrological symbolism here. In astrology Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac and symbolizes equanimity, community and justice. This fixed Air sign is associated with the planet Uranus, which symbolizes sudden unexpected changes, eccentricity, revolution, non-conformity and generally change. It takes 84 years for Uranus to pass through all the signs of the zodiac, or orbit the Sun.

Behind all this symbolism of Aquarius and the planet Uranus is the mystical and magical significance of the number 84.

Why is 84 so significant?

Creation has taken place 84 times. This means that the universe we all exist in - which many of us believe is the only universe in existence - is actually the 84th version of the universe. There have been 83 previous versions of the universe. The first 63 versions no longer exist. But 21 versions of the universe still have some existence up to and including the present universe.

Until recently we were taught to believe that the universe started from a Big Bang - the Big Bang Theory. Spontaneous combustion? Where did the energy and the force (trauma) come to create such a Big Bang? The answer is simple, the Big Bang was an Omega Point, and the Big Bang resulted in a Zero Point, out of which the universe expanded.

Only the process of creation is not a linear process, but a spiral. This means that the universe is expanding faster, and faster, and faster, until it reaches the next Omega Point, out of which there will be an 85th version of the universe.

How this affects you

If the universe has existed 84 times, and the previous 21 versions or incarnation still exist, then it stands to reason that you have existed at least 84 times, and have lived through 83 previous lives, of which 21 of your lives still have some existence somewhere deep within you as memory imprints.

I developed the Omega Principle around the end of the last century. This means that the Omega Principle came before Creative Law, and it came before Qultura.

Now think about this. Think about your life. You started out as a baby, your life was extremely simple, and as you have grown older your life has become increasingly complex, hasn't it? The Omega Principle gives you an insight into the relationship between conscious and energy, between existence and non-existence, and the significant relationship between karma and reincarnation.

This book will also give you an insight as to why I chose to develop Qultura in a completely different direction to other similar systems such as Buddhism and Taoism.

This book is available free of charge in both EPUB and PDF formats. As a rough guide, the content in the PDF version is 84 pages and there are 21 chapters, just like the Omega Principle itself.

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About Qultura

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