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Qultura Community Resources is the primary community building and development project being developed by the Qultura Core project in London. This project is developed so as to examine the universal principles and concepts on our website and transform them into concrete community projects to develop new strategies for human social interaction, brand new social and cultural values, all using empathy and creativity.

The need to come together and share life experiences

This project is being developed at the Qultura Core project in London as a hybrid drop in and events style project with talks, discussions, workshops, seminars and the development of new community projects. When there's no event you can come along and drop in for a coffee and chat, get to know us, we get to know you and take it from there. If you want to get involved you can.

Please keep in mind that we're working to develop our Qultura Core project out of this, the nucleus of our global Qultura community, so we're looking to hear from a diverse range of different people and involve them in the development of Qultura Core. This is not going to be another white privileged educated well off monoculture telling everybody how it's going to be or yet another ideology - this is about human evolution - so we're looking for all people to feel included and involved, black, white, homeless, disabled, Muslim, migrants, different social classes, everyone.

The need to read the website and use the message boards

We have never come together in communities to talk about redesigning and developing our local communities so that they actually work for everybody and are aesthetically pleasing. In the West we have never been given such opportunities because we've always been dictated to by hierarchies and politicians. For far too long politicians have given away too much control to small minded economists with seriously outdated ideology and theories all based on their materialist, reductionist thinking so what we have in our communities is either a mess or a lawless free for all. Society benefits only a small minority of people.

Things have got to change and change quickly. We don't intend to ask anybody's permission or demand that someone changes things for us. There's no more time left for that. People are dying and destitute all over the place. This is where we come together, start using empathy, figure things out in small groups and small projects, and start the process of change ourselves.

This is why we're recommending that people join the community and sign up to the message boards so that our Qultura Core project can develop together with the community and we can share experiences, feelings, ideas and information.

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