Qultura Community Resources


What is Qultura Community Resources?

While Qultura Fringe serves to provide the Battersea/Nine Elms community with drama workshops Qultura Community Resources is being developed as a kind of drop in facility which serves the local Battersea and Nine Elms community and also serves as a central organizing point for the Qultura community.

On Wednesday 25th September 2019 Qultura held its Extraordinary Trustee Meeting where it was decided that we will centre the Qultura community within the local Battersea/Nine Elms community and work with Wandsworth Council and others to develop community focussed projects which serve to redevelop and build the heavily fragmented Battersea and Nine Elms local community.

Our priority and focus

We are not the only local community project in the local community, nor are we the only community organization or project which is based at the ROSE. There are others. We are not here to compete with anyone, tread on any toes, because our main priority and focus is on creating new opportunities to develop connections between people and residents in the local community and projects which offer opportunities for people and residents in the local community to come out of isolation and connect with the local community in a way which is meaningful and supportive. Therefore our emphasis is on connecting people.

Therefore Qultura Community Resources is about any or all of the following:

A local community drop in
We are seeking to develop a new local community drop in service which is connected to our Community Message Board on this website which will function as a new community advice service where people can connect to other people in the local community and seek advice and initial (unqualified) support on issues.
New local community projects
There needs to be new local community projects based on shared or common interests which emphasize either social interaction, the development of individual creativity or both. These projects need to be developed primarily for the needs of residents and people in the local community.
Better community support initiatives
There are many people in the local community who are struggling with various issues which are related to housing issues, debt, issues with benefits such as Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payments and also local residents who feel isolated, stigmatized, excluded, marginalized and generally invisible. We are losing people on almost a monthly basis from the local community due to suicide and premature mortality (preventable deaths).
There is also a significant level of addiction in the local community. Nobody becomes addicted through personal choice, but because they are struggling to cope with life circumstances for which they have insufficient social and community support. The level of addiction in the local community is evidence and a sign that there is not enough community support or opportunities for meaningful occupation in the local community nor do they have access to opportunities to develop better social support networks. This is something which we need to address as a local community and developing better community support initiatives is a key objective of the Qultura community.
Local community events
Qultura Community Resources can also be used to create and organize events in the local community which are relevant to the interests and needs of people and residents in the local community.