The Qultura community

The Qultura community has been developed in a way which makes change possible for anyone in society by striking a balance between self and other and also between organization and community.

The Qultura community is set up to create the opportunities and possibilities for change on a personal, cultural and social level through the development of empathy and community. It doesn't matter who you are, you are an individual in a community of people and your life is a series of situations and a set of circumstances which directly affect you personally. You have the power of choice, but what your power of choice fundamentally boils down to is a choice over whether you make a situation in your life a problem or you make it a possibility. Either way you can come into the Qultura community and seek some form of resolution which is beneficial to you and also to other people. This is fundamentally what life is all about.

This is not however about what is good for society or good for your community and what is bad. What is good or bad for you, the community and society comes down to who has the authority and the power. It doesn't matter whether we are talking about who has the authority and control in a family, a community, or society, what this all boils down to is "What I do is good and what you do is bad." This is an endless debate which has been going on for centuries. This extends to society, to politics, and even to individual families. It is based on the understanding that whoever has the advantage, whoever has the money, the space and resources is right, and whoever doesn't and is at a disadvantage is wrong.

This is the fundamental basis for exploitation and all the ugliness, inhumanity and cruelty you see on the planet and in society.

The need for empathy and community.

It's important to understand that the one thing which stifles human evolution, which is fundamental to the human ability to live in harmony with one's environment and thus be environmentally friendly, is exploitation. It is exploitation of natural resources for economic and social advantage which creates the environmental destruction, and it is the exploitation of human resources for economic and social advantage which creates the social fragmentation and cultural decline which creates and maintains the endless social and political divisions, the persistent inequality, poverty, deprivation and domination culture which is so characteristic of Western society.

This all comes back to the universal principle and Creative Law that drama negates trauma. There is no other way round this. Trauma exists for a reason and that reason is to motivate creativity and interaction between everything which is individual. This is how the universe works. This is how Nature works. This is how human society works. Human evolution can only take place if there is investment in cultural development, if there is development of empathy between individual people, and if there is an appropriate degree of involvement and participation in the development of local community.

Understanding Qultura's role

Qultura's role is that of a community facilitator and resource through which it is possible for anyone to go through a process of individuation through the development of empathy and community simply by joining the community. We are set up to promote cultural development, the development of empathy, the development of individual human creativity, the development of individual human experience, and the process of human individuation. We don't have a mission statement or agenda, simply because we function as a community resource. Qultura Core is the central nucleus of the Qultura community, the community resource, and the community network everyone joins when they join the Qultura community. Participation in the Qultura community is completely free of charge for everyone, it always has been and always will be.

How to join the Qultura community

In the top right hand corner of any webpage on the Qultura or Qultura websites you see a button which states 'Join' - which is also in the top menu on any mobile device. Gives us a name and your email address and you're part of the Qultura Core network. This is essential to be able to take on any of the Qultura Core roles to be able to develop the Qultura Core community.

The next thing you need to do is to register for an account on our Message Board. This is where everything starts in the Qultura community and it's our online meeting point for everyone. Click on the Message Board in the top menu, create a username, password, and give us your email, location and gender and you can take part in any online discussions. Once you've done this you're a member of thge Qultura community.

You can additionally join us on social media. We have a Qultura Core Whatsapp group (send us your number in the footer and we'll add you) and you can join us on MeWe, Instagram and Whatsapp. At some point in September we're also adding a community on Reddit.

Below is a community dashboard for people new to the community, and you're also invited to participate in any of our community projects. We are developing various stable projects and you're welcome to get involved.

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Community dashboard

Below is a Community Dashboard which is also accessible in the top menu under 'What?'


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