The three components of Qultura

This will become much more apparent a little while later but we're trying to effect a global revolution in human social relations and also social and cultural values. This is not going to be some uprising or upheaval but what we are trying to do is to break down the stranglehold on human social relationships brought about by hierarchies forcing authority on people through enslavement to ideology which in turn forces people to live up to false stereotypes and personas.

The video above is our theme song, which we hope communicates what we stand for. The song is 'In Peace' by Snowflake and Admiral Bob.

We have our own innovative way of working

We have spent ten years developing a strategy of achieving our mission and objectives which is non-confrontational and, because it is based on human empathy, can be incredibly powerful in what it achieves. Our strategy has been consistently successful in London and we are now seeking to transform this into a global community through sharing our work and our strategy with others for the benefit of people.

It's important to understand that we are a community first and an organization last. This is a very simple one two three - we are a community, a community resource, and lastly an organization.