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Qultura Core

Qultura Core is currently setting up in community space at the ROSE Community Centre in Ascalon Street, Battersea and we are looking for people to get involved. We are not taking over the space nor will we will maintaining a constant presence at this space, this is just a meeting point for people involved in Qultura. Details of our activities are given below and on various links to this page.

Cultural activities

We're open to developing various cultural activities which can include the development of creative activities, such as drama workshops or film making, cultural events such as trips and things like book clubs, recipe exchanges, as well as social events where you can meet and get to know other people in the local community. You are welcome to approach us and suggest setting up such an event yourself, but if you're looking to run a creative activity you need to show that you have sufficient skill and experience in the creative activity you're suggesting and also that it involves other people from the local community.

Community support projects

We're also planning to develop a weekly advice session and surgery as a means of contact for people who are experiencing issues and problems in their lives, such as social issues, issues with housing, benefits, debt, and also addiction support and those affected by social exclusion and social stigma. We are linked to local councillors and the local MP as well as other agencies and organizations and we will make sure that you get the best possible advice, support and help which leads to an effective solution.

Community support projects (outreach)

We're also looking to develop community outreach support projects for people who cannot make it to the community space and plan to develop such things as support for the homeless and a chaperone service for people attending DWP assessments for Work Capability (WCA) and Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

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