The Qultura Core project


The Qultura Core project in Battersea, London is the 'nucleus' of the entire Qultura community and the administrative centre as well, as it is where the administration and governing body are based. All Qultura Core activities take place at the ROSE Community Centre in Ascalon Street in Battersea which is served by the P5 bus which stops right outside and is a short walk away from Battersea Dog's Home and Battersea Power Station.

Qultura Core's mission

Qultura Core not only serves as a nucleus for the whole Qultura community but is a 'lead' or 'example' project for other people involved in the community can follow or take inspiration from.m You don't have to of course, but if you do our Qultura Core project is designed to serve as a sort of template or pattern for other Qultura projects. This objective is specific to Qultura Core.

Rebuilding almost from scratch

We are rebuilding after losing our former community and base in nearby Sleaford Street. This was due to property developers taking over the site and demolishing it which unfortunately fragmented our former community as what sometimes happens and we are working to rebuild our Core project while developing a new relationship with the local Wandsworth Council. Details of developing projects can be found via the links at the top of the sidebar.

We are seeking volunteers

We are looking for volunteers who can help coordinate and develop Qultura Core projects in the community space in Ascalon Street. If you are interested please have a look at the projects and/or if you have your own ideas either fill out a volunteer proposal in our community section, or further down the sidebar, and we can meet up and discuss possibilities. Or you could come along to our Wednesday meet up and meet in person.

The online Qultura Core community

The Qultura Core community is online on Groupbox which you can join if you have a Groupbox profile set up and click on the image below. It's completely free of charge to be a part of.