Qultura Core

development of our Core project in London


Qultura is developing its Core project in battersea, South London which will be the central Core and 'nucleus' for all other Qultura projects which can be developed anywhere in London, in the UK or even further afield. Qultura follows a unique 'biological' model for its organization and doesn't behave or function that much like a regular or normal organizationm (please see the webpage on Qultura culture for more details).

Social design projects

Qultura Core is the central meeting point for individual social design projects involving people in the local community which may be creative, social, based on community support or have some other community objective. Social design (explained further in our Mission or What We Do sections) involves designing a social structure for the beenfit of individual people with an emphasis on the creation of opportunities and reclaiming of individual personal experience.

Personal enlightenment

Qultura Core is also the meeting point for anyone interested in personal enlightenment and gaining a better sense of Selfhood and understanding of Self throough connection to others and community interaction. Qultura offers opportunities in personal enlightenment which is free from ideology and belief systems (please refer to Qultura Philosophy).

Involvement in our work, projects and personal enlightenment is free of charge with no membership fees, no subscription charges, nothing to buy or pay for.

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