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Qultura Core



Qultura Core refers to our flagship project which serves as a model, guide, pattern and inspiration for other Qultura projects. It serves as nucleus for Qultura being the centre for both our administration and governing body. despite the fact that Qultura has been almost wiped out as an effect of property developers and their developments and the loss of our previous project in Sleaford Street (the space is now demolished to make way for a development of luxury apartments and a shopping centre we are now in recovery and working our way back tgo restoring Qultura Core to a fully functioning Qultura project.

Qultura Core's mission and objectives

Qultura Core's mission and objectives is the same as that for the whole Qultura community but is related to creating a new inclusive cultural development strategy for Battersea and surrounding parts of South London. Battersea as a district of London is diverse and heavily fragmented with people from possibly every social background in the UK.

Where we are at now

We are in a good psoition in that the Qultura infrastructure is in its final draft and we have access to community space at the ROSE Community Centre which is managed by Wandsworth Council. However we need volunteers to create and develop new projects and have a provisional Wednesday meet up arranged to discuss proposals and meet and discuss with people who are interested in getting involved.

Wednesday Meet Up

The Wednesday meet up is at 6.30pm on certain Wednesdays by prior arrangement. Message us by Monday afternoon with a proposal or issue to be able to attend the Wednesday meet up.

Community Support Drop In

We are recruiting volunteers fort a new weekly Community Support Drop In. We need people who can provide initial support and advice on a variety of issues including benefits, housing, debt, and other issues.

Project Coordinators

We're looking for a few project coordinators for the Qultura Core project who can spare an hour or two each week to coordinate projects at our community space. We are flexible over times and days but would like some availability during afternoons and early evenings. Please live local or accessible to Battersea.

Other information

More information about Qultura Core and related issues can be found to the left. To find out more about Qultura generally please feel free to explore the rest of this website, join a Qultura community/group or sign up to the Qultura Core disuccsion group on Groupbox.

Public transport

Nearest railway station
New stations are planned but currently the nearest railway station is either Battersea Park or Queenstown Road
Nearest Underground station
The Centre will be a short walk from the new Northern Line terminus at Battersea Park but currently the nearest Underground station is Vauxhall then a signifiucant walk or a short bus ride
The P5 bus stops right outside the Centre at Ascalon Street which is one stop before the terminus at Patmore Estate. You can also get to the Centre by taking a 156, 344 or 436 bus to Sleaford Street and walking a short distance along Savona Street to Ascalon Street, then turn right and the Centre will be on your left. All three buses serve both Battersea Park station and vauxhall (Stop E in the bus station).

Read general information about the Qultura community.

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Find out more about our mission and objectives and also how we achieve them.

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The Qultura Consensus is a set of guiding principles and commitments which govern all interaction throughout the Qultura community.

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>Find out something about the Qultura administration and our governing body of trustees. Please note that both our trustees and administration play a supportive, coordinating, facilitating role rather than an authoritarian role.

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