Qultura Fallback

Qultura Fallback is the native community support project for everyone in the community.


There's not much point in developing a community, any sort of a community, but especially an empathy based community, if there is no means of community support within that community. This is what Qultura Fallback is all about, making sure that nobody is made destitute or left starving, isolated, vulnerable, struggling or suffering.

Human rights and power of choice

Qultura Fallback is a native standalone community support project which seeks, as much as possible, to protect individual members of the community from infringements of their human rights, dignity, power of autonomy, and from this their civil liberty. These issues come from the social stigma which arises out of such issues as stigmatization of poverty, systematic racism, Islamophobia, ableism, and anti-LGBT discrimination. Just to be clear where we stand on these issues.

Human rights

You have the right to be who you are and to live your life with dignity having access to the basic necessities to sustain life including access to shelter, food, fuel and power, and be included as part of a community and have access to opportunities to live life beneficial to yourself and others. This is a fundamental human right. It is not a social privilege, an entitlement nor should you have to be working to 'deserve' such dignity and human rights.

The power of choice

Human rights come with the power of choice, which is a fundamental part of autonomy. The fact that you are not working or incapacitated in some way does not negate your power of choice nor should it result in you being forced to make choices by organizations or government departments or being deprived of the ability to make such choices which determine the circumstances and situations in your life.

About Qultura Fallback

Up until about 20-25 years ago we had a very effective social security system and social safety net which prevented everyone from experiencing absolute poverty. Then politicians decided that we would no longer have a social security system and that everyone must work and be economically viable in order to receive adequate support and that those who are not economically viable and obsessed with finding work do not deserve such things as dignity and basic human rights. The new 'welfare' benefit system, which has widespread support throughout society through sustained propaganda, is based much more on fear motivation - the persistent threat of destitution - and meanness.

What is left today is a shell of a system which has been subjected to widespread privatization. Those who are forced to rely on the system are often forced into survival mode where they are desperate for money and often don't have enough money to live on. Those who work in the system on the front line, civil servants, 'customer service agents' (Universal Credit) are often placed under enormous pressure to enforced rigid rules and guidelines and to cut back on support as much as possible.

This has created a system which is prone to errors, mistakes, and also leaves wide open the possibilities of abuse with the potential to destroy someone's life. Some people say that people who are working may be only one or two paydays away from destitution. The situation if you are reliant at all on the welfare benefit system is much, much tighter. You are a single decision from having your life ruined. Due to the fact that the welfare benefit system is run according to a an authoritarian, top down, corporate system where there is no sense of community or trust between service user and service provider it comes down to your word against the word of an organization, service provider or government department. If the word of the organization goes against you, there is nothing you can do about it.

The need for community support

Qultura Fallback is therefore about developing community support within the community to prevent people from becoming isolated and trapped within the system and left without a support network. It's also intended to be a support network for anyone who is suicidal who doesn't want to just talk but also access opportunities and community support so they can make changes to their lives and move beyond feeling suicidal.

Development of the Qultura Fallback community

The other important thing to understand about human rights is that they only exist when they are respected right across the board and everyone is able to exercise their human rights. Human rights don't work when only some people have their human rights respected and other people don't. If some people do not have their human rights recognized, then nobody has their human rights respected and what you have is a state of oppression where some people are oppressed and others are placed on the side of the oppressors whether they like it or not.

In the Qultura community everybody's human rights are important

At no point in life do you ever cease to be a human or a member of the human species. At no point do you ever cease to be a member of the community. Therefore at no point should your human rights and your accessibility to the necessities of living existence ever be forfeit. The fact that many in society value money and property over human life is meaningless and irrelevant in the Qultura community. Our primary focus is on the sanctity and value of human life and its quality. Therefore what is detrimental to the human rights of an individual in the community is detrimental to the community as a whole. This is otherwise known as solidarity.

Accessing Qultura Fallback community support
A support community within an empathy based community

Qultura Fallback is a mutual support community which is being developed within the Qultura community. This means that it's a community which is in development and is designed so that the people in the community who need support can be supported by other members of the community. If being part of Qultura Fallback interests you, you need to be a member of the Qultura community, i.e. be on the Qultura Core network and have an account on the Message Board. You then request an invitation to the Qultura Fallback support group on MeWe. There you support others who need the support, and likewise, when you need support others support you. Click on a button to learn more about Qultura Fallback.

We plan a regular drop in at our community space at the ROSE during the day between 11am and 1pm. This allows for the less technologically able to get connected, allows for the checking of forms prior to posting, and also for people who've hit difficult circumstances.

We're aware that the personal data of people who are claiming welfare benefits such as Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payments (PIP) may be compromised and sold on to less than supportive organizations. We have to accept that our political and socioeconomic reality allows for the exploitation of human hardship and suffering for corporate profit. DWP agents can and do participate in social media support groups on sites such as Facebook and we strongly recommend not posting anything about your personal circumstances on social media, even within support groups.

Therefore when posting online about your personal circumstances we recommend posting on the Message Board and within our Qultura Fallback community on MeWe where we are sure that anything you post is unlikely to go any further without your knowledge. Please also note that Qultura Fallback, as with the rest of the Qultura community is fully GDPR compliant and does not store any of your personal information without your prior knowledge and agreement.

You're welcome to post on the Message Board the same as everyone else and we pay more attention to posts and threads created by those who access Qultura Fallback to ensure that such threads and posts are kept free from stigma and judgmental attitudes and that responses are kept supportive. You are welcome to reverse your participation but please do not solicit pledges of support from other community members for any appeals. (Please refer to 'Appeals')

We currently host a Qultura Fallback support group on the social media platform of MeWe which unlike other social media platforms is concerned with privacy. You need a MeWe profile to access the support group, and you can create a MeWe profile with just an email and a password. Please note that the Qultura Fallback support group on MeWe is by invitation only, so you need to request an invitation (below) to access it and once in the support group you can invite other people. Please take care over who you invite because there is a strong emphasis on support and supportive attitudes. However while being part of the support group on MeWe you can still access all other Qultura community spaces online and on the Message Board.

Reverse participation is a community role which you take on when you're struggling and need support from others. It requires recognition so that you can create appeals and solicit pledges of support from outside the community legally and constitutionally - to avoid a conflict of interest - and retain the power of choice over your circumstances and what support you need. You can find out more on the webpage about reverse participation.

If you're a reverse participant and need additional material or financial support which you're not receiving you can create an appeal which can be published to get that support from organizations and people from outside the Qultura community. This is intended to be an alternative system to something like a food bank voucher and allows you to be specific about the type of support you need and what you actually need. You can find out more on the Appeals webpage.

Dealing with other organizations

For decades we've had the concept of conditionality as a governing principle for our socioeconomic system. The premise is that if you meet certain conditions and fulfil certain responsibilities you get certain entitlements and receive support. Conditionality only works if both sides are playing fair.

Truth isn't illegal

When dealing with organizations we strongly recommend making things as real as possible - truth is not illegal. However what you should never do is compromise on your own self-interest or personal security. Part of the reason for the whole Qultura Core set up is to give you back up through the community equal to that of any organization. An insight into Qultura Core's strategy when it comes to other organizations is given below.

Dealing with a Job Centre means dealing with the sometimes harsh conditionality which is part of a benefits claim, be it Universal Credit or a legacy benefit. You need to understand that each benefit has what we describe as a ministerial objective. Politicians are not your friends and you should never forget this fact. The objective is clear. If there is any opportunity to get you off claiming benefits and into work the Job Centre will pursue that objective.

Create your own conditionality

If you're claiming benefits for whatever reason then you need to centre your Claimant Commitment (conditionality) on being available for work which meetings all the three following criteria:

  • it is work which you are able to do competently and do well. Work is a legal contract and you are at risk of a benefit sanction if you lose work due to incompetence.
  • it is work you enjoy doing and are willing to do and you are willing to work with the people you come into contact with. Never work for money. It's stupid. You end up doing things you don't enjoy for people who won't appreciate you. This is a good way of putting yourself into a social situation where you turn your mind against you and put your own mental health at risk. For what? Less than £10 an hour? Consider that you can ease your jobseeking requirements by volunteering and you can create your own role in the Qultura community.
  • you either have a sustainable income or sufficient opportunities for work to be able to get a sustainable income from what you do. Consider developing a side hustle, a niche, or find ways of working which are based on consciousness, not processing of information which can be done better through artificial intelligence or technology. If your work is based on processing information, consider that you may need to change your occupation to one which is based on consciousness.

Make sure that you have a positive relationship with your work coach at the Job Centre. Work coaches are civil servants. While politicians are not your friends civil servants usually make decent allies for dealing with the Government. Empathy and trust are key. Please keep in mind that while you're dependent on benefits as part or all of your income you need to look after your work coach to ensure continuity of income and a good work coach will help you ensure continuity of income.

As stated under 'Job Centres' politicians are not your friends and the current ministerial objective is to exploit any and all opportunities to get you out of claiming benefits. If you are claiming Personal Independence Payments (PIP) or Limited Capability for Work please be aware that the criteria for getting such assistance is based on US insurance criteria. This has got nothing to do with UK social security. We are developing an online library of resources for PIP and Limited Work Capability and we strongly recommend involving your GP or GP surgery to make or continue a claim.

Please don't attempt to make a claim without getting assistance with the claim process, because chances are it will result in you being turned down and rejected.

Also please consider - when it comes to attending an assessment - taking an independent witness with you. DWP assessments can and do lie when developing assessments for Decision Makers. The Government is not under any obligation to tell the truth. Please do not attempt to record the meeting because even if the assessor agrees to you making a recording unless you have written consent it will not be regarded as evidence during an appeal or tribunal. Far better to arrange to take a witness who can then swear an affidavit based on witness testimony which will count as evidence in an appeal or tribunal.

If you feel you have sufficient grounds for appeal and tribunal we advise you to pursue this option, backed up by the community, reverse participation and appeals when and if necessary. For this reason we are seeking to recruit volunteers and activists who are prepared to support you in any such process.

Is a willingness to work important?

It is to the Job Centre, but not to us. Our focus is on a willingness to live, which we feel is far more important. People have died as a result of claiming benefits. Many have starved to death, some have frozen to death, many others have committed suicide. Our position is quite clear. If you have issues with mental health and/or are feeling suicidal then you perhaps should be focussing far more on your mental health than on making yourself available for work. Our interaction with the Job Centre is to create a sense of community and trust that the DWP is unable or unwilling to provide. If you have issues with mental health then you need to consider getting your GP involved and on your side.

An end to social cleansing

We are pushing for an end to all social cleansing, forced resettlement and gentrification. Your value as an individual human being does not come from where you live, what income you have, what work you do or don't do, or what make of car you may have parked outside your home. The selling off of social housing stock and replacement of poorer people in a community with more affluent people is a crime against humanity. It destroys communities, promotes feelings of fear and insecurity with regard to one's home and promotes feelings of distrust between people and local authorities. We are opposed to all social cleansing as a matter of moral principle particularly when it is tied to cuts in accessibility to public services and closure of civic amenities. Urban regeneration should not mean social cleansing, but the sharing of opportunities.

We are strong advocates of constant cultural development in local communities simply because culture and cultural awareness is the central reference point for humans when it comes to direct life experience and cultural development is central and obvious both to social progress and economic development. We are aware that the Government does not share this view, and no political parties share this view and they do not share this view for ideological reasons. Our position is not based on ideology, it is based on an understanding of universal principles and reality. Ideology is where you make up bullshit because you don't understand the very simple universal principles of existence. We have no time for ideology. We deal in reality, not ideology. This is why we advocate cultural activism

Homelessness is a direct consequence of social cleansing and political and economic failure. When Qultura was first created in 2009 there were just 42,000 homeless people in the UK. Today there are more than 330,000 and according to CHAIN statistics someone in London loses their home and is thrown out onto the streets every 2 hours, every day, every week. In the winter of 2018 and 2019 some 770 people froze to death on the streets. While people can be given somewhere to live quite easily the emotional and psychological trauma of homelessness can take years to recover from. This is why we are setting up Homeless Action to promote and develop empathy between the homeless and the rest of the community.

The need for volunteers and activists

We need volunteers and activists to help develop and maintain Qultura Fallback - both online and offline - and we need a sufficiently large number of different volunteers and activists, particularly from among the jobless, people with disabilities and other marginalized sectors of the community, and especially from among people who have experience of dealing with the benefits (and Universal Credit) system who can provide insight, advice and support to other people affected by these issues.

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