Who created Qultura?

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Qultura is generally regarded as being the creation and idea of Stella Baker but strictly speaking she's not the only founder member. David Fisher and Ian 'Fibbo' Fibbens were also influential in the creation and development of Qultura.

Stella Baker

Stella Baker is the Fringe dramatist stage director, shaman and lightworker who had previously been working in Polish theatre and developing a Theory of Modern Drama. It was when she discovered the relationship between drama, trauma and consciousness to develop Creative Law that Qultura was formed out of Qultura Fringe, a small developing Fringe theatre based at The Duchess pub in Battersea, South London.

David Fisher

David Fisher is a retired educator, a choir singer and interested in cultural development who at the time was an actor in Stella Baker's Qultura Fringe at The Duchess. He was the one who asked Stella to find a reason what motivated both actors and audience to go to the theatre which led to Stella Baker's discovery of the role of drama in creativity and empathy and the development of Creative Law.

Ian 'Fibbo' Fibbens

Ian Fibbens, or Fibbo as he preferred to be known as, was a former City trader who turned session guitarist and was interested in developing Qultura together with Stella Baker as he wanted to create projects for musicians and singers. It was his idea to create the Qultura community to help and support people out of social exclusion but unfortunately he died of heart failure and complications to diabetes before he could move to Battersea in 2013.