Qultura Fringe

Qultura Fringe is a system of drama workshops where anyone can learn about acting and drama for free whilst working together with other people and professional actors on an actual Fringe production. This production can result in a video, an independent film, or even a stage production. Qultura Fringe was developed by our founder Stella Baker in 2007 and the first Fringe stage productions at the Duchess were staged early in 2008. Above you can see two extracts of two major productions developed out of Qultura Fringe in 2013 and 2014. The first of the featured films was filmed at our previous space in Sleaford Street.

Both productions involved professional actors and the dark haired actress, Charmaine Bourton is an experienced stage actress who will be leading the drama workshops for children. The second production was developed for a professional actor from Slovakia, Noro Naprivnik, who is completely deaf and this production of The Condemned, based on one of Stella Baker's plays, was designed to provide him with showreel materials so he could get paid speaking roles. This film is about the last night together between a Wehrmacht soldier and his Jewish lover who he has kept hidden in a tenement block in the liquidated Warsaw ghetto. They plan to escape the war together and live in Switzerland, and this is their final night together in Warsaw before planning their escape.

Qultura Fringe workshops are completely free of charge and anyone in the community can take part in them. The workshops for adults are run by Stella Baker and this year feature comedy. The workshops are a lot of fun, you get to meet people and even develop enough acting skills to break into acting.

Professional actors who are offering to work with Qultura Fringe include Louise Green, Patrick O'Halloran from films such as 'Nil by Mouth' and also the singer Julie Allison Harris from the 1980's pop group Tight Fit. This season's focus will be on comedy.

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