Qultura Fringe


What is Qultura Fringe?

Qultura Fringe is our series of drama workshops where you can get involved in drama and acting free of charge and participate in various Fringe productions which are planned for video, independent film and stage productions. No experience is necessary as we can teach drama and acting - once again completely free of charge. We are interested in hearing from people who are interested in drama workshops for both adults and children. Our drama workshops for adults this season will focus on comedy, an audio sample of which can be heard below.

If you're looking to get out, meet people, make friends, and perhaps even make a little money on the side why not get into acting? No previous experience is necessary, and within the space of a couple of hours you can learn very basic, rudimentary acting skills for free which will be enough to get you through a film or stage production (we do however advise further study if you wish to make a go of becoming a professional actor).

Where and when do the drama workshops take place?

All our workshops take place in space at the ROSE Community Club Rooms at pre-arranged dates and times. Drama workshops for children and filming for adult Fringe projects generally take place at weekends and are pre-arranged in advance. Drama workshops for adults generally take place on selected Wednesday evenings between 8pm and 10pm and are pre-arranged in advance.

Casting calls (adult workshops)

Casting calls take place on the dates and times listed and are open to the public which means you can turn up and audition for a part at any time within the advertised times.

The Protecting Shield

Qultura and Qultura Fringe are signatories of the Protecting Shield which means that all participants in our workshops receive digital copies of their participation in our workshops and productions in the form of video files and where produced, DVDs. These files can be used for showreels and social media purposes.

Qultura Fringe Season 2019/2020

The Qultura Fringe season 2019/2020 (adults) will focus on situation comedy, parody and satire and we have five comedy productions scheduled which range from a couple of parts to around ten different roles. We envisage that all these productions will result in video productions and independent (comedy) films which will be screened online, at screenings at the ROSE, and also entered into film festivals.

This is in addition to possible stage productions.

Mixed casting

All drama workshops for adults involve mixed casting which means that you can be working alongside professional actors and this also means that we work with participants who have disabilities and health issues. The community space we use at the ROSE community centre is fully accessible and we welcome participation in our drama workshops from everyone.


Refreshments are generally provided during all drama workshops and filming sessions and there are facilities to make tea and coffee.

Dress code for drama workshops

We strongly recommend that all participants in our drama workshops wear soft footwear and loose clothing to facilitate movement. This does not apply to filming.


If you are allocated a space in a workshop or role in a production it is important that you attend all workshops and filming sessions or notify us in advance if you cannot attend. If you fail to turn up without giving us advance notice we reserve the right to allocate your place or role to someone else. You can notify us by email, message, text or Whatsapp.


All our workshops and filming sessions take place in a friendly, relaxed, fun atmosphere. It's okay to make mistakes, forget lines, come out with bloopers and have a good laugh about it.