Qultura Fringe

Qultura Fringe is a system of drama workshops where anyone can learn about acting and drama for free whilst working together with other people and professional actors on an actual Fringe production. This production can result in a video, an independent film, or even a stage production. Qultura Fringe was developed by our founder Stella Baker in 2007 and the first Fringe stage productions at the Duchess were staged early in 2008. Above you can see two extracts of two major productions developed out of Qultura Fringe in 2013 and 2014. The first of the featured films was filmed at our previous space in Sleaford Street.

Qultura Fringe in 2020

We are restarting Qultura Fringe as a project again but this time it will be cycles of drama workshops tied to comedy productions. These comedy workshops will be led by Stella Baker and will focus on parody and satire with a strong anti-Establishment flavour. Participation in these workshops is completely free of charge and this is an excellent opportunity if you are looking to get into acting, the performing arts, or modelling, or media. They are also suitable if you already have experience in acting and are looking for additional materials for your showreel and the vast majority of participants who take part in Stella Baker's drama workshops do eventually get cast in roles by other producers, some of which are paid roles.

Casting calls

We are starting casting calls from Wednesday 29th January 2020 between 6pm and 8pm at the ROSE and also on Wednesday 12th February 2020 also between 6pm and 8pm.

To take part in a casting call simply click on the link below and download the audition texts. You have the choice between a Shakespeare sonnet, a poem by Maya Angelou or a poem by Spike Milligan. Simply choose ONE text to prepare for your audition and complete the form below informing us which date you would like to have your audition on. These auditions will be informal in nature.

Audition texts (right click to download)

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