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The human rights organization with a difference.


Qultura is a human rights organization which acts as a community resource developing individual projects in what is known as social design.

We work to promote human individuality and creativity through such things as personal self-exploration, personal enlightenment, community participation, and promoting positive cultural development and social progress.

For far too long people have been collectively disempowered by authority in various hierarchies which cause deprivation of opportunity, deprivation of individual human experience, social conflicts, and many social issues. We have never worked together to properly design society and social structures with a sense of aesthetics and balance. We're all socially conditioned to serve in a "system" and to accept authority.

But the reality for many people today is that they're struggling to find their way through a chaotic mess and having to spend large amounts of time chasing money.

Quiltura is essentially a non conformist human rights organization which follows its own 'biological' business model based on a nucleus 'core' structure (Qultura Core). Our work and activities is based on a Theory of Creativity developed by Stella Baker, a former Fringe dramatist and stage director who together with David Fisher developed Qultura in 2009. We also based our work and functioning on a combination of universal law and common law and the principles from all three.

We work to empower individual people and promote personal enlightenment, self-discovery, community participation, cultural development and social progress in an envirinment which is kept free from ideology and belief systems. We share our theory and works freely for non-commercial, personal purposes and work to provide opportunities to ensure that anyone in society has free access to opportunities to connect to others, participate in their community, explore and discover themselves, work towards personal enlightenment, or just find a few frinds to meet up with and have fun.

We are not sorry for the amount of text on this website. Everything you need to enhance your journey through lfie is either here or out in your community. It's down to you whether you want to make the effort yo explore, discover and get in involved or not. Life is, after all, for living and if you have to live then surely it's best to live well.

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