Qultura methodology


Welcome to the section containing Qultura methodology. Qultura methodology has four components. Each of the four components expands on the same mystical principles in some way but is based on the same basic mystical principles of both Natural Law and Creative Law.

The four components of Qultura methodology can be summarized below.

Natural Law

This is the fundamental mystical principle of existence and the processes of creativity and interaction. So Natural Law is about being and doing, and is also known as 'the ground of being'. This is the longest and most challenging of the four components of Qultura methodology.

Universal Principles

This is arguably the simplest and most straightforward of all the four components of Qultura methodology. There are just four universal principles and this component is a summary of the first component. This is also the original Qultura methodology before it was expanded.

Combined Numerology

This gives you an insight into the fourteen most important and basic numbers of numerology relative to mysticism and magic. There are others but for now it's important to learn what the most important 14 numbers are and what they symbolize. If you're getting involved in dreamweaving it's strongly recommended that you learn something about numerology simply because while words can be misleading numbers generally don't lie.


This is the fourth component of Qultura methodology and is intended to be the practical component you use for dreamweaving activities. In this online web version of Unmind you will get a tutorial in how to build the magic rituals you need for dreamweaving activities.

If you're accessing Qultura methodology here on the web you will access the latest version. The book 'The Principle and the Process' is based on a previous older version of Qultura methodology and is usually updated at the start of every year.

Please be aware that Qultura methodology is a complete methodology. It's not intended to be used directly for practice because that is not possible. Even the best possible version of Qultura methodology will fall short of the actual reality of the mystical principles on which it is based.

It is intended for you to develop your own unique and individual Qultura methods from, based on your unique and individual experiences of life and also based on your unique and individual perspective. You develop a Qultura method through Unmind and dreamweaving activities. It's a methodology for expanding your mind by raising your conscious awareness.

About Qultura methodology

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