The story of Qultura

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What caused Qultura Fringe, a small charitable Fringe theatre company in Battersea, to become Qultura was the personal discovery Stella Baker made that existence is cyclical in nature and that energy, consciousness and space form the basis of reality. This was what led to the development of Creative Law, illustrated in its entirety above.

Creative Law tells us nothing new, because it is based on what is known as Natural Law or Universal Law and the universal principle of evolution which is common to both the cosmos and nature. Everything is falling apart, constantly, and these core principles have been known for centuries.

But what makes Creative Law special is that, for the first time, these principles are reduced to arguably the simplest meme. Illustrated above you have the spectrum of energy between trauma and space, and between drama and consciousness.

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You can compare Creative Law above with the principle of yin and yang, which forms the basis of Taoism or the Dao, which is based on the exact same duality common to nature and the universe.

Further reading

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