Qultura Street


Qultura Street is a new empathy project being developed to break down the barriers between the street homeless and the rest of society. Usually almost everybody walks past the homeless in the streets no differently than they walk over the cigarette butts and other litter. If there was a dead body lying in the street we're not convinced that many people would notice and we make this point to make it clear just how dehumanizing the experience of street homelessness really is.

Qultura Street is set up to challenge the widespread indifference to homelessness and destitution that many people display towards the human beings who are affected by such issues.

Being street homeless is arguably one of the most stressful experiences you can have in life. Being street homeless is literally 24 hours a day trauma, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Imagine living out on the street in all weathers, no guaranteed access to shelter, which means if it rains you get wet, when it's cold you freeze, and you have to keep moving and struggling, even when you're tired and haven't managed to sleep for the past two nights. You have access to nothing.

Homeless people are still human beings

Despite the fact that they have nowhere to live the homeless are still human, they still have to live somehow and they still have the same needs - practical, financial, social, emotional and psychological, as everyone else. Many homeless people work, study, and try and live the best they can. They still need clean clothes, access to a bath or shower, they still need friendship and companionship, social interaction, access to wi-fi so they can use the internet on their phone. It's important to remember that many homeless claim benefits and the Government still expects them to do 35 hour a week jobsearches despite the fact that they don't have a home, an internet connection or access to a computer. Therefore they can often face benefit sanctions for not making enough effort.

What we are looking to do.

In addition to day centres and charities we are setting up Qultura Sreet so the homeless can start to develop a social support network of people who aren't homeless like them. If and when they do end up being given a hostel place they will still need a social support network to support them through the resettlement process. How this works is that the homeless post their support needs using the form below. We publish their needs in our support section - for example if they need a bath, access to a washing machine, to wi-fi, etc and people respond with offers. You meet with a homeless person and spend a pleasant evening with them as they do their washing, have a bath, etc. You get to learn about homelessness first hand and they get to spend a few hours off the streets and maybe get to meet a new friend or acquaintance.

Want to get involved in developing this project?

We need some volunteers to help develop this project, some support to print flyers and some activists to go out and meet the homeless on the streets to let them know of this project. If you've joined our community you just need to follow your chosen link in the 'Take action. Make a difference links' on the left (or above on a smartphone).

Share a need

Please only use the form below if you are street homeless and need support.

Post your needs here.