The concept of Qultura

Culture by people, for people supported by people.

"If you are capable of having an idea and sharing it with one other person, then you are not only creative but capable of bringing a positive change to culture and other people around you. But you cannot do it on your own. You need inspiration. You need support and feedback, and you need opportunity. You need other people because creativity is tied to interaction, and vice versa. This is the fundamental truth of the human experience. "

Stella Baker, Qultura's founder

The purpose of Qultura

Qultura is a charitable organization with a difference, because it is set up to resolve social stigma and social exclusion but seeks to achieve its objectives through development of culture in the local community.

Why Qultura was set up.

Prior to her involvement with Qultura Stella Baker was a Fringe dramatist and stage director who had worked previously in Poland and she had been working to set up a charitable theatre company in London. She was working on principles she had developed whilst working in Warsaw theatre, and subsequently elsewhere in Poland, of using drama as a means of supporting people out of social exclusion and helping them to beat addiction. At the time she was working to develop a simplified theory of modern drama accessible to everyone.

However whilst working on her theory in November 2009 she made a series of discoveries which at first seemed to 'break' her theory of drama. It was only after examining her theory and research that she later discovered that drama is actually increased consciousness and that what she had discovered was a theory of creativity and the fundamental principles of energy. Further research indicated that her principles of energy frequency and of the creative cycle were consistent, and they were also consistent with universal principles.

Human creativity and interaction is what develops culture, and it is cultural development which drives forward social progress, creates opportunities, and motivates human evolution. It is also believed that this theory can form the basis for a viable economic theory.

There was only one way to find out, and that was to set up a generic cultural development organization which was strictly not for profit and, working in the public interest, serves as a vehicle for the theory to share the theory and its principles with as many different people as possible.

Qultura is that generic cultural development organization. That what is written in bold is the fundamental concept.