Qultura is the method (or system) for developing the Principle and the Process. This is the how and what of how we develop the community which gives you the opportunity to develop your own individual principle and process - the how and what - when it comes to you and your individual life experience.


This is the Qultura method (and system) for developing empathy through community. The development of empathy is fundamental both to developing human consciousness and to human evolution.

Qultura is about you being the real you.

A tree does not need to be taught how to be a tree. Neither does an earthworm, a spider, or a cat, all of which can be what they are naturally. Likewise you do not need to be taught how to be a human being or how to be you. You are you naturally. You just need opportunities to be more you through your life experience and through opportunities to interact with other people and your environment so that you can evolve to become more you.

Your powers of memory and imagination

However where you differ as a human being from a tree or an earthworm, and even a spider and a cat, is that you have unrivalled powers of memory and imagination which are unmatched possibly by any other species in the animal kingdom. You have the ability to develop intelligence out of consciousness and achieve some wonderful things if given the opportunity. But you're not given the opportunities to develop your potential.

What is Qultura about?
The importance of empathy

Empathy is fundamental to the healthy functioning of a community or society, simply because it is necessary for social cohesion. Empathy is the ability to connect to others through conscious awareness and conscious attention, and it is a vitally important life skill simply because human beings do not perceive their environment in terms of consciousness, energy or space, but in terms of words, language and culture. It doesn't matter who you are, in order to live and to be who you are, you have to connect to other people and socially interact with them.

The lack of empathy in society

Despite the fact that empathy is vitally important in social interaction and for social cohesion, it is not taught in the education system nor is it a requirement to function in society because it is not part of the fundamental core of our social and cultural values. Our education system is based on marks, results of tests and examinations, and training children and teenagers to use their physical intelligence such as intellect and recall memory, rather than to develop intelligence through empathy and consciousness, and this results in teaching children that they only have value when they are doing better than other children.

This in turn encourages social attitudes which are based on competition and competitiveness rather than cooperation and social cohesion, and this is what creates the social divisionism, lack of social cohesion and lack of a sense of community which creates many social issues and causes many people to have issues in life.

The Qultura system

Qultura is a system for developing empathy in a community through the development of various individually developed short term community projects. These projects create opportunities for the development of not just empathy but also the development of discipline of faculty, development of social interaction strategies, development of individual creativity and also development of community support. This in turn creates opportunities for the development of empathy and the development of consciousness.

About Qultura community projects (overview)

Qultura community projects fall into one of three broad categories and should either be short term and specific, focussing on interests shared between different people in the community, or where they offer the possibility of generating new short term projects, long term and stable. The emphasis here is on developing possibilities and creating opportunities out of those possibilities, sharing them with other people, and not on creating opportunities for just a few people in the community at the expense and exclusion of everyone else in the community. For information about stable community projects please refer to the Qultura community webpage.


Creative projects

Creative projects emphasize the development of discipline and individual creativity.

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Social and cultural projects

Social and cultural projects emphasize the development of social interaction and empathy.

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Community support projects

Community support projects emphasize the negation of trauma and the promotion of truth.

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